Off-the-Shelf Identity Verification for Accounting Firms

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Live in a Day
Live in a Day

Go live now and verify customers in real-time.

Fully Customisable, No Code
Fully Customisable, No Code

Branded and configured to the needs of your business with no technical resourcing required.

Compliant by Design
Compliant by Design

Best-practice AML & KYC compliance baked in, customize every touchpoint at the click of a button.

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    Verify customers in real-time with an award-winning,
    pre-built Identity Verification solution.

    How Does it Work?


    Capture Identity

    Verified With Up to 70
    Technical Checks


    Facial Match
    with Verified ID

    50-point Biometric
    Facial Comparison


    Database Check &

    Name & Address from ID Verified
    Against Multiple Databases


    CDD Report

    CDD Report Generated
    in Real-time

    Save time and money

    • Out-of-the-box, live in a day
    • No hidden costs
    • Branded for your business

    Compliance that scales with your business

    • Generate a complete CDD report for a full audit trail
    • Reduce operational costs, onboard more customers
    • Make real-time decisions on submissions

    Onboard real clients sooner

    • Remove friction from onboarding process
    • 98% accuracy, real-time classification
    • Onboard sooner, verify a customer in seconds

    The Ultimate Identity Verification Solution for Accounting Firms

    ID-Pal enables Accounting firms and their compliance teams to verify the identity of customers in real-time: simply, securely and conveniently. The solution is easy to use, seamless to integrate and instantly customisable to the specific needs of any accounting firm, eliminating the complexity, cost, timelines and risk associated with regulatory compliance.

    Accountancies gain access to a solution that blends industry-leading technology and robust compliance with a seamless user experience for their customers.

    Discover how ID-Pal transforms Identity Verification for Accounting Firms


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