Refer a business to ID-Pal

Know a business that needs ID&V?

Share their details and your business could get one month free as a thank you for the referral.

How to get one month free on your plan:

We know the time and money saved using ID-Pal makes a difference to every business. Refer a business to ID-Pal by:

Step 1. Email the business you wish to refer and include us: cc [email protected], one of our customer experience specialists. Introduce us to anyone in your network that would benefit from our solution.

Step 2: Our experience team will note the referral on your account. When a business you refer signs up to a 12-month contract on any of our business plans, you each get one month of your subscription free.*

A simple, easy way to get a free month of your ID-Pal plan for both your business and the business you referred.

*Terms and Conditions for ID-Pal Referral Programme:

  • The credit will be applied to the business referred and the referrer after the new business referred has paid for their first month.
  • Any new business referred must sign up for an ID-Pal subscription plan by the 30 September 2021 to qualify for a free month for the business referred and the referrer.
  • If a new referred business signs up for any ID-Pal business plan after receiving a demo, the offer of one month of their subscription plan will apply for their second month.
  • Offer to qualify for a free month’s subscription per referral is limited to two per existing customer in a 12-month period.
  • Any new qualified business referred via our business page must pay the first month of their subscription in full in order to qualify to get the second month for free.


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