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Help using ID-Pal

as part of your HSE data request

Welcome to ID-Pal.

ID-Pal’s identity verification platform will help you register securely on the HSE data notification portal.

This page contains support and guidance for if you have problems using the ID-Pal app. Please note that ID-Pal does not have access to the personal information you provide during this process.

There is a different page if you are having other problems registering on the HSE portal.

HSE and ID-Pal

The HSE is using ID-Pal to make sure that only you can access your personal information and that no one else can access it without your knowledge.

ID-Pal will:

  • make sure that the details you enter match who you are
  • take a photograph of you and your ID 
  • check that your ID is genuine and has not been tampered with or forged
  • confirm your identity

Using ID-Pal

To use ID-Pal as part of the registration process you need to:

  1. Register on the HSE data notification portal if you have received a letter from the HSE.
  2. Download the ID-Pal app using the link the HSE will text you.
  3. Important: Do not share this link with anyone else. This link relates to your request with the HSE and can only be used by you to access your information. If you share your link with someone else who is notified, they will not be able to use the Data Notification Portal. Everyone who receives a letter from the HSE must use their own unique ID-Pal link.
  4. Use the app to take a photo of your photo ID, such as your passport or driving licence.
  5. Use the app to take a photo of yourself.
  6. Confirm your personal information is correct.
  7. Submit your photo and photo ID documents via the app.

Watch a video on how to use ID-Pal


Taking a photo of your ID

When you’re in the ID-Pal app:

  1. Hold your phone’s camera over your ID. 
  2. The app will automatically take a photo of your ID document. You do not need to click or tap your phone.

When taking your photo:

  • avoid overhead lights – this is to reduce glare
  • put your ID on a background that is a different colour to the ID, such as on your kitchen table

ID documents you can use

You can use your:

  • passport
  • ID
  • driver’s licence
  • public services card

If you use your driver’s licence, you’ll need to take a photo of the front and back of it.

Auto-capture not working for documents

  • If auto-capture does not work the app will let you take a normal photo after a few seconds.
  • If you are taking a photo manually, fill as much of the screen with your ID as possible. Do this without cutting off any of your ID in the photo.

Taking a photo of yourself (selfie)

Hold the phone at the correct distance from your face. Stay still while the app takes your photo. The app will automatically take a photo. You do not need to click or tap your phone.

    • Avoid overhead lights when taking your photo. This is to reduce glare.

Auto-capture not working for selfie

  • Make sure that your face is in the frame provided. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  • If the app still does not take your photo, there may be an issue with your camera or phone. Send the link to a different smartphone and try again from that device.

Once you submit your photos, they will be deleted from your phone. Your data will be protected.

How to resubmit your identity documents to the HSE:

If you did not receive a text message to download the app

  • When you register on the HSE data notification portal we will text you a link to download the ID-Pal app.
  • You can only register if we have written to you and sent you a PIN number.
  • If you have not received a text, check that the mobile number you registered with is correct.
  • If you cannot register online, you can register by post.

Your personal information and ID-Pal

  • ID-Pal is a data processor, appointed by the HSE
  • Your ID information is securely sent to the HSE, and the HSE hold this data.
  • ID -Pal has no access to your personal information, only the HSE do.
  • Images of you and your identification documents are not retained on your device once a submission is made
  • View the ID-Pal Data Protection Notice

HSE data protection policies and your rights

ID-Pal is secure

ID-Pal is ISO 270001 certified and GDPR compliant.



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