An API For Identity Verification

ID-Pal’s API offering enables our customers to interact with the ID-Pal platform quickly, easily and securely from within their own business processes.

Key Features

Initiate onboarding from within your own business system

  • Send a new customer an invitation to download the ID-Pal app via email or SMS from within your own system.
  • Customers can easily download the ID-Pal app and complete a submission, which is sent to your account.

Real-time visibility of customer submissions

  • Allows you to query the status of where the customer is in the process of submitting their submission, or view the results if the submission is complete.
  • Provides results for a complete submission. Itemised elements of the customer submission are also available.

Retrieve a completed Customer Due Diligence report

  • Key customer identity information is consolidated into PDF format which is securely saved and can be viewed/printed anytime.
  • Use your CRM to seamlessly retrieve the CDD report from the ID-Pal system.
  • CDD reports provide a robust audit trail.

Export full customer information

  • Customer details are auto-populated into your business systems. This eliminates the need to manually input details into multiple systems, saving time and avoiding human error, ensuring that details are accurate and consistent across systems.

Key Benefits

Cost-effective solution
Connects to existing business infrastructures, drastically reducing implementation time
Seamless integration with business processes and applications
Real-time updates on the status/results of customer submissions
Reduced rate of administrative inaccuracies due to manual input errors
Seamless and speedy customer onboarding
Significantly reduces time staff spends on onboarding, allowing them to focus on delivering value to customers

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