The ID-Pal solution is tailored to the specific identity verification needs of the Mortgage Broker industry. It makes the customer onboarding journey as simple as possible while driving operational efficiencies for the business.

ID-Pal is ISO 27001 certified, GDPR compliant and trusted by leading companies such as:

What do Mortgage Broker businesses need?

  • Seamless Customer Experience
  • Remote Capabilities
  • Up and Running Quickly with no Hassle
  • Operational Efficiencies
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Protection from Fraud
  • Global Coverage
Onboard in less than 60 seconds

How can ID-Pal help Mortgage Brokers?

  • Customers can complete the process in less than 60s
  • Anytime, anywhere, from the comfort of their own home
  • Out-of-the-box solution can be up and running same day
  • Saves businesses time and money
  • AML, KYC and GDPR baked-in
  • Industry-leading technical checks and real-time verification
  • Covers ID Documents from 200 + countries

ID-Pal’s Unique Broker Model

The ID-Pal solution has a Unique Broker Model that was developed to streamline the identity verification process between Broker sales agents and the head office.

How Does the Broker Model Work?

  • Brokers use the ID-Pal app to capture customer identity information either in-person or remotely in less than 60 seconds
  • Identity information is securely submitted to the ID-Pal business portal of the head office for review and approval
  • In the portal, the submission is thoroughly verified and authenticated using a suite of industry-leading technologies that include:
    • Liveness Check: Motion detection and facial gesture recognition prevents identity fraud
    • Facial Comparison: 50-point biometric facial match
    • Document Verification: Up to 50-point check to ensure against tampering or forgery
  • Head office verifies and approves the submission in seconds
  • Broker is notified and able to onboard the new customer quickly
  • A comprehensive Customer Due Diligence report is generated with key customer identity information. This CDD report is securely saved and can be viewed 24/7.

What are the Benefits of the Broker Model?

  • Seamless and convenient process for customers
  • Quick and efficient approval process
  • Faster customer onboarding means increased customer onboarding
  • Increased operational efficiencies for the Broker
  • More robust compliance process

The paperwork customers are required to send back can vary, so customization of the app was a vital requirement. Campion Insurance have found ID-Pal to be a pleasure to work with. Their quick response times and availablility to support client needs means no question is too small.


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