Multi-Layered Identity Verification

Biometric, Document
and Database Checks

By triggering verification checks in real-time, your business can verify an identity with greater accuracy in one seamless onboarding experience and prevent fraud at source.
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A Multi-Layered

Approach to Identity Verification

Leverage a unique blend of biometric, document and database checks

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Multi-Layered Verification

Discover the advantages of this approach to Identity Verification, from both a user and security perspective.

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Multi-Layered Verification FAQs

What is Multi-Layered Verification?
Multi-layered identity verification is an advanced approach to verifying an individual’s identity, combining multiple methods and technologies to ensure the highest levels of security and accuracy. This approach typically includes biometric analysis, document verification, database checks, and more methods to create a comprehensive profile of an individual’s identity.
Multi-layered verification enhances security by using AI to combat AI-generated fraud. By requiring multiple layers of verification to be satisfied in order to verify an identity and address, it adds complexity. Each layer is an additional barrier to overcome at the one time, making fraud attempts exponentially more challenging for bad actors.
This approach is particularly effective in mitigating risks associated with legacy identity verification processes. By requiring multiple verification layers to be overcome simultaneously, it provides a higher security standard, safeguarding your business from increasingly sophisticated AI-generated fraud threats.

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