From small firms to large enterprises across any Industry, ID-Pal provides award-winning Identity Verification that can be customised to fit any use case, customer profile and jurisdiction.

Below are just a few of the industries we work with.

Accountancy Firms

AML and KYC Compliance delivered same-day with an off-the-shelf Identity Verification solution. No hassle, no technical development.

Credit Unions

“An Identity Verification solution that was designed for and with credit unions. ID-Pal has performed incredibly well, with the volumes helping us to meet our strategic objectives for Member and loan growth”


Real-time, AI-powered Identity and Address Verification for Cryptocurrency businesses. Compliance and convenience within a day.

Gift Card Providers

Real-time identity verification that can easily integrate with Gift Card providers’ websites. Make the process as simple as possible for customers.

Insurance Brokers

100% customisable app, for every customer case. “The paperwork customers are required to provide can vary between insurers, so customisation of the app is a vital requirement.”

Merchant Payments

Award-winning Identity Verification solution for Merchant Payments providers, including AIB Merchant Services.


AML compliance and layered risk management all packaged into a user-friendly experience that integrates seamlessly into existing business processes.

Prepaid Financial Cards

AMLD5 has forced Payments companies to adhere to strict compliance requirements. Get compliant today with ID-Pal’s out-of-the-box solution and an award-winning customer experience.

Recruitment (UK)

Identity Verification Solution for UK Employers to complete their Right to Work checks simply, securely and conveniently while meeting Home Office compliance requirements.

Wealth Management

A truly global Identity and Address Verification solution that is award-winningly seamless and convenient.

Fund Administrators

A global Identity and Address Verification solution that can be deployed at speed and scale.

Real Estate

Identity Verification Solution for estate agents and real estate professionals that is out-of-the-box and can be set up in a day.UK Goverment Certified IDSP for Right to Rent checks.

Motor Insurance

Off-the-shelf Identity Verification for Motor Insurance brokers and companies. Go live in a day to verify an identity in real-time.


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