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Support for One4all Customers

If you have a query about your submission or if you need a new ID-Pal app link to be sent to you, please contact custserv@one4all.ie. To receive a PIN for your One4All card, the app link must be sent by One4All.

Why am I being asked to verify my identity?

  • One4all is now required by Anti-Money Laundering regulation to verify the identity of gift card recipients.  

What is the ID&V Process?

  • Customer creates a One4All account from the One4all website
  • Customer receives a link via text message to download the ID-Pal app
  • Customer downloads the app and completes the identity verification process
  • Once the customer’s identity has been approved, a Card Activation PIN is sent to the customer to unlock the funds on their gift card

Completing the Identity Verification process:

  1. Capture your Identity Document
  2. Complete a Liveness Test (place your face within the frame on camera)
  3. Confirm your Personal Information is correct
  4. Submit

Watch this video for guidance on the steps above:


If you have not received a text message to download the app:

  • Check that the number registered to your One4all Account is correct and try to send the link to yourself again
  • Otherwise, please contact One4all customer support and request a new download link be sent out via SMS.

If you cannot capture your Identity Document or Liveness Test (Selfie):

While we have over 99.9% device stability sometimes individual devices may have difficulties:

  • Capturing may be difficult with lower-end devices due to camera resolution
  • Dirty or oily camera lenses may make blur/glare hard to avoid.
  • Device damage such as normal ageing, wear and tear, and faulty parts.

Following these steps, in order, will ensure you can resolve your difficulties in the shortest time possible:

  • If you already have the ID-Pal app installed on your phone, please delete it.
  • Restart your device.
  • Clean your camera lenses on the front and back of your device.
  • Click on the link that One4all texted you to re-install the ID-Pal app.
  • When capturing your Identity Document/Liveness Test:
    • Avoid overhead lights to reduce glare.
    • Place your ID on a high contrast background (a different, solid colour).
    • If the auto-capture isn’t capturing your document, wait a few seconds and you will be offered a manual capture option.
    • If capturing manually as above, fill as much of the screen with the ID card as possible without cutting it off as this will help with lower resolution cameras.
  • If the above doesn’t work, please forward the link to a different device, and try again from that device as your problems may be related to device damage.

If you still have not received your One4all card activation PIN:

  • As a result of heavy customer volumes, there can be delays in issuing your PIN.
  • If you completed your submission over a day ago:
    • Check that One4all have not texted you and requested a new ID-Pal submission. Please follow the instructions in the text in this case.
    • Otherwise, please contact One4all customer service.

If you have a query about your submission or if you need a new ID-Pal app link to be sent to you, please contact custserv@one4all.ie. To receive a PIN for your One4All card, the app link must be sent by One4All.


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