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Support for One4all Customers

If you have a query about your submission or if you need a new ID-Pal app link to be sent to you, please contact custserv@one4all.ie. To receive a PIN for your One4All card, the app link must be sent by One4All. Calling from the UK? Get in touch with the UK One4All customer service team by calling  03700 84 4444 (local call rates apply) or email  custserv@one4all.com.

Why am I being asked to verify my identity?

  • One4all is now required by Anti-Money Laundering regulation to verify the identity of gift card recipients.  

What is the ID&V Process?

  • Customer creates a One4All account from the One4all website
  • Customer receives a link via text message to download the ID-Pal app
  • Customer downloads the app and completes the identity verification process
  • Once the customer’s identity has been approved, a Card Activation PIN is sent to the customer to unlock the funds on their gift card

Completing the Identity Verification process:

  1. Capture your Identity Document
  2. Complete a Liveness Test (place your face within the frame on camera)
  3. Confirm your Personal Information is correct
  4. Submit

Watch this video for guidance on the steps above:


If you have not received a text message to download the app:

  • Check that the number registered to your One4all Account is correct and try to send the link to yourself again
  • Otherwise, please contact One4all customer support and request a new download link be sent out via SMS.

If you cannot capture your Identity Document or Liveness Test (Selfie):

While we have over 99.9% device stability sometimes individual devices may have difficulties:

  • Capturing may be difficult with lower-end devices due to camera resolution
  • Dirty or oily camera lenses may make blur/glare hard to avoid.
  • Device damage such as normal ageing, wear and tear, and faulty parts.

Following these steps, in order, will ensure you can resolve your difficulties in the shortest time possible:

  • If you already have the ID-Pal app installed on your phone, please delete it.
  • Restart your device.
  • Clean your camera lenses on the front and back of your device.
  • Click on the link that One4all texted you to re-install the ID-Pal app.
  • When capturing your Identity Document/Liveness Test:
    • Avoid overhead lights to reduce glare.
    • Place your ID on a high contrast background (a different, solid colour).
    • If the auto-capture isn’t capturing your document, wait a few seconds and you will be offered a manual capture option.
    • If capturing manually as above, fill as much of the screen with the ID card as possible without cutting it off as this will help with lower resolution cameras.
  • If the above doesn’t work, please forward the link to a different device, and try again from that device as your problems may be related to device damage.

If you still have not received your One4all card activation PIN:

  • As a result of heavy customer volumes, there can be delays in issuing your PIN.
  • If you completed your submission over a day ago:
    • Check that One4all have not texted you and requested a new ID-Pal submission. Please follow the instructions in the text in this case.
    • Otherwise, please contact One4all customer service.

If you have a query about your submission or if you need a new ID-Pal app link to be sent to you, please contact custserv@one4all.ie. To receive a PIN for your One4All card, the app link must be sent by One4All.


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