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Our solution streamlines customer due diligence, ensuring AML and KYC compliance, while preventing fraud at source.
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Benefits of ID-Pal for Financial Service Providers

Deter fraudsters with AI defences

The more verification layers present, the harder it is for fraudsters to win. Most importantly, the user journey is easy and friction-free.

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Reduce false-positives and manual reviews

Verify the details submitted by an individual match their residential address. Gain confidence in the identity of your clients, members or customers.

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Transform onboarding from complex to clear

Capture, verify and securely store data from any point of onboarding to align offline and digital channels. Simplify results with one clear, full Address Match.

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Digital Identity Verification

Our solution streamlines KYC processes, AML compliance, and fraud prevention. Tailored for finance professionals, it delivers seamless onboarding of customers, comprehensive database coverage, and cost-efficient risk management.

Secure your onboarding process and build client trust with a platform designed for compliance and data security.

Effortless to Implement

Same-day deployment with every aspect of the front-end user experience and back-end business process customisable in one click.


  • Setup in minutes
  • Front and back-end ready
  • Customise in seconds


  • Integrate into existing systems
  • Prebuilt solutions, ready to deploy
  • Tailor to your business needs

Salesforce Integration

  • Go live in minutes
  • Integrate directly from your account
  • Compatible with all Salesforce Clouds

Certified and Industry Accredited


Case Studies

Discover why firms use ID-Pal for Automated Address Verification

ISO 27001 Certification Europe
Case Study

ISO 27001 Certification Europe Case Study

Lerex Technology
Case Study

Lerex Technology Case Study

Trust My Travel
Case Study

Trust My Travel Partners with ID-Pal to Protect Payments

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Explore the additional features available that simplify compliance and offer robust fraud prevention.

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Identity Verification for Financial Service Providers FAQs

Why is Digital Identity Verification a Must-Have for Financial Services?
Digital identity verification is critical in the financial services sector for safeguarding against fraud, building client trust, and fulfilling regulatory requirements. By accurately verifying client identities, financial service providers can significantly mitigate risk, maintain compliance with international regulations like KYC and AML directives, and foster a secure environment for clients and businesses alike. This is essential in maintaining the integrity of financial transactions and protecting against financial crime.
Our identity verification service is designed to comply with regulatory standards across 200+ jurisdictions and countries. We ensure adherence to the strictest data privacy regulations, such as GDPR, and have zero access to your customers’ data. Our commitment to using 100% AI-powered technology allows financial service providers to operate with confidence in a global market while upholding the highest standards of fraud prevention against AI-fraud, fincrime and money laundering.

Our Identity Verification solution blends 100% AI-Powered technology with robust compliance to deliver seamless customer onboarding.

ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified, we offer robust security to protect against fraud, ensuring compliance with global regulatory standards, and a front-end user journey that can be configured to your unique business needs. With our scalable technology, financial service providers of all sizes can achieve efficient due diligence and risk management without compromising on service speed or quality.

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