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Robustly detect and prevent common types of identity document fraud and produce detailed results for review.

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Identity Document Verification

Our Approach

The verification that ID-Pal provides is far more robust than standard approaches. Legacy vendors compare the data from two or more data sources (human-readable and machine-readable) to verify that they match. The visible and machine-readable fields are crosschecked, within and across both types of data sources, to provide the most robust form of verification possible

We combine:

  • Document checks to verify that the identity document itself hasn’t been tampered with or forged.
  • Biometric checks to ensure that the individual submitting an identity document is its rightful owner.
  • Database checks to cross-reference the individual’s information against relevant databases.

AI-powered technology verifies in real-time the authenticity of customers’ identity documents, ensuring that the person opening an account with your business is accurately identified, reducing your risk of fraud.

What our clients say...

Multi-Layered Digital Identity Verification

Our platform performs instant document verification, biometric facial matching, liveness detection and address verification checks for KYC.

With a user-friendly interface and seamless integration options, easily incorporate our solution into existing systems and workflows.

Enhanced Detection of AI Fraud

Research has shown that Screen Recapture, Photocopy and Portrait Substitution are present in 90% of all attempted document fraud attacks:

Screen Recapture

A digital reproduction of an identity document made using a device such as a mobile, tablet, computer, or monitor.


A reproduction of a document printed from a digital image taken by a camera, copier or scanner.

Portrait Substitution

A fraudulent facial photo overlaid onto the portrait of a person in a genuine ID document.

Our platform is powered by AI, with the ability to detect up to 99% of fraudulent documents using our ID-Detect feature.*

Perform enhanced verification checks on every Identity Document to confirm that it is genuine.

*Attack presentation classification error rate results testing Photocopy & Printed image <1%

Certified and Industry Accredited


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Identity Document Verification FAQs

What Is Identity Document Verification and How Does It Work?

Identity Document Verification confirms the authenticity of an individual’s identification documents, such as passports, driver’s licenses, or national ID cards. This verification process is essential in financial services to prevent fraud and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

The verification process typically involves several steps:

  • Document Collection, where the individual’s identity document is captured. Data Extraction where key information (e.g., name, date of birth, document number) is extracted from the document using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Analyse the document’s security features (e.g., holograms, watermarks, machine-readable zones) to confirm its authenticity.
  • Cross-Reference Checks where the extracted information is cross-referenced against public or private databases for additional verification.
  • By employing advanced technologies, Identity Document Verification can accurately and efficiently establish the legitimacy of identification documents, enhancing security and customer trust.

Identity Document Verification is crucial for businesses for several reasons:

  • Fraud Prevention: It helps in detecting and preventing identity fraud by ensuring that the documents presented are genuine and belong to the person using them.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Many industries are subject to regulatory requirements that mandate the verification of customer identities to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. Identity Document Verification assists businesses in meeting these legal obligations.
  • Enhanced Security: By verifying the identities of their customers, businesses can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorised transactions and other malicious activities, protecting both their operations and their customers.
  • Customer Trust: Implementing a robust verification process demonstrates a commitment to security, which can build trust with customers and enhance the company’s reputation.
Yes, our Identity Document Verification solution is designed to be flexible and easily integrated into existing systems. We offer an out-of-the-box option and also offer an API (Application Programming Interfaces) and SDK (Software Development Kits) that enables seamless integration with a business’s current digital infrastructure, including customer onboarding platforms, eCommerce websites, and mobile applications. This integration capability allows your business to add ID-Pal without disrupting the user experience or requiring significant transformation projects to integrate ID-Pal with their existing processes. Additionally, we offer customisable features, allowing your firm to tailor the process to their compliance requirements.

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