Security and Compliance

Essential for establishing trust between a business and a customer

ID-Pal’s mission is to make it as simple as possible for businesses to establish trust with their customers. We know that security and compliance are critical factors in forging this trust. Since our inception we’ve put security at the forefront of our priorities, going as far as including it in our tagline…”Simple. Secure. Convenient”. We also ensure that compliance is baked right into the product, enabling businesses to meet their AML, KYC and GDPR requirements easily.

We are proud to announce that we are now ISO 27001 Certified

In our pursuit of Data Protection and Information security excellence, we implement world-class information security systems. We are very proud to have achieved certification in the leading international standard in Information Security, ISO-27001, and we continue to live those principals of Information Security on a daily basis.

GDPR-Native Solution

ID-Pal processes and stores large amounts of data that must be given the utmost protection, as both a moral and regulatory obligation. ID-Pal was created at a time when the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was being rolled out across Europe and so we designed the solution to support it natively, rather than as an afterthought.


iBeta Certification

ID-Pal’s Passive Liveness software is iBeta Level 1 and Level 2 quality assured. Liveness tests are susceptible to “Presentation Attacks”. In order to pass iBeta Certification you have to beat all known Presentation Attacks. iBeta Quality Assurance is a uniquely accredited third-party biometrics testing lab and works with a wide variety of biometric technology companies to ensure their products function to the highest standards. iBeta Quality Assurance has received a Mastercard accreditation for its biometrics test lab. The approved scope of the independent testing facility includes biometrics testing for mobile and wearable devices using the modalities of facial recognition, palm recognition, voice recognition, and fingerprint recognition.

ibeta certification level-2

Level 2 PAD – [Presentation Attack Detection]. On each smartphone used in the test, iBeta was not able to gain unauthorized access (simulated enrolment) with a presentation attack 150 times with each of 5 species of attacks. With 150 attempts for each species, the total number of attacks were 1500 (750 per device) and the Presentation Attack (PA) success rate was 0%.


Companies around the globe, large and small, across many industries trust us with their Identity Verification needs.


ID-Pal has been chosen by its Strategic Partners to complement their core offerings with our award-winning ID&V capability.  These partnerships enable ID-Pal to deliver on its mission to enable the seamless exchange of trusted identities at scale.

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