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Our CEO & Founder Colum Lyons shares our journey

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Who are ID-Pal

ID-Pal provides businesses with a real-time identity verification and AML screening solution, out-of-the-box. The platform can be set up in minutes, customised to the business in seconds and uses a unique blend of checks to verify customers instantly across all channels and jurisdictions.

ID-Pal eliminates the complexity, cost, timelines and risk associated with regulatory compliance by delivering a solution that is simple to use, easy to integrate and instantly customisable to the specific needs of any business.

Unique to the market, ID-Pal’s fully customisable, off-the-shelf offering provides an end-to-end solution that can be branded and configured within minutes and fully integrated within a day. It is a 100% AI-powered platform, in one seamless user experience, that reduces false-positives, the risk of human error and offers identity verification in real-time.

How it started

It started with three weddings, no funeral. Our CEO and Founder Colum Lyons worked as a Trader and Stockbroker for over 20 years in the financial markets and could see first-hand, the need for a secure, simple and convenient way to verify identities other than what the market could currently offer.

After meeting our Chief Business Officer James O’Toole at a wedding in 2016, then our Chief Technology Officer Robert O’Farrell at second marriage celebration, followed by an introduction to our Chief Marketing Officer Shelley McKinney at a third, ID-Pal began to take shape.

From a sketch on a napkin to a global team of over 40 employees, ID-Pal is now headquartered in the heart of the financial district in Dublin’s Docklands. After launching in the U.K in 2022, we entered the U.S in 2023.

The Executive Team has also expanded, with the addition of Simon Montgomery as Chief Operations Officer in 2020 and Sara West was appointed Commercial Director in 2023 to complete the picture.

How our journey is going

regtech insight award winner USA 2023 id-pal
ID-Pal is DIATF Certified UK
innovation in legal services award winner 2023
cybertech 100 award 2023
regtech 100 award 2024

Life at ID-Pal

We think a picture paints a thousand words. So here’s what life in ID-Pal is like:

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