We Are Hiring!

Solution Engineer

Role Description
ID-Pal is looking for a Software Development Engineer with an interest in Software Architecture. This core team member would be responsible for managing the development team whilst supporting our customers’ technical resources during implementations.

The right candidate will be good at communicating business issues to the technical team and at translating technical issues for business resources. The right person will see themself as both a strong technical problem solver and good at coordinating people.

For bug fixing, this person will work with Customer Services to ensure our customers get clear feedback regarding the ongoing efforts to resolve their issues and receive timely updates on the solutions. Ability to prioritise and manage tasks to an SLA is a key skill for this aspect of the role.

This person will work with the Sales team and Product teams to define and deliver new enhancements on a monthly basis in a fast-paced environment. They will also work closely with the Architecture team to ensure that ongoing changes align with the long-term strategic vision of the product.

The role will be responsible for:

  • Setup and management of the Customer Service Call Logging System
  • Managing the people and systems required by the KIR (Keep it Running) Team
    • Bug Fixing
    • Enhancements
    • Documentation
  • Monthly Release Management for Enhancements and bug fixes
    • Agile-based methodologies used
  • Provide Technical guidance on solution design

Beneficial Skills
Additional skills that would be beneficial, although not necessary, are experience with any of the following:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Zendesk
  • Laravel
  • Objective-C
  • Swift
  • Java (Android)
  • MySQL
  • Ubuntu

If you think you are a great candidate for this role please send your CV to us at