Android Engineer

Job Description

At ID-Pal, we are focused on providing our customers and their clients with a Simple, Secure and Convenient way to verify their customer’s identity. By perfecting our industry leading authentication processes and focusing heavily on user experience, our aim is to drive growth by solving our customers’ problems and delivering on their expectations.

We’re looking for a talented Android Engineer to join our mobile product team to implement modern tools for Android development to speed up efficiency and improve the development experience. This will put the team in the position to deliver the next iteration of our user-facing Android App and customer-facing SDK to deliver on the vision of ID-Pal.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn and refine engineering best practices for high-performing teams in the domain of identity verification within a complex and secure system, serving hundreds of thousands of users and hundreds of businesses worldwide in heterogeneous industries.

You’ll report to the Mobile Lead Engineer and ideally be based in Dublin in a hybrid work environment.

  Core Responsibilities:
  • Support the entire Agile Software Delivering Life Cycle for new features and UX, non-functional improvements, focused principally on Solution Design, Implementation, Automation Testing and Deployments
  • Research and implement best practices for modern Android development and high-performance teams like Jetpack and CI/CD capabilities in coordination with our DevOps team.
  • Due to the nature of our products, security is of paramount importance. You’ll coordinate with our InfoSec expert to adopt best practices for secure development and adapt them to the Android OS Security Model.
  • Root cause analysis of production defects in coordination with the Backend team.
  • Support our Product Manager and SCRUM Master for innovative product ideas, feasibility analysis, planning and iterative improvements of our delivery process.
Key Requirements:
  • 2+ years of development on Android with Kotlin.
  • Knowledge of software design patterns, GUI architectures and clean developments.
  • A Bachelor’s degree related to software development or 3+ years of experience in software development.
Nice to haves:
  • Knowledge of Android OS security model and InfoSec practices.
  • Experience with functional reactive programming, Coroutines, Architecture Component, Jetpack and modern rapid Android Development.
  • Experience with Unit and Android Testing.
  • Experience in delivering and maintaining projects as libraries or SDKs.
  • Experience with git and CI/CD practices, especially Bitrise.
  • Basic experience with React-Native to deliver a bridge to our Android ID-Pal SDK.
  • In 3 months, you’ll have an understanding of the architecture of the codebase and have plans to introduce new design patterns and frameworks, like MVVM and Coroutines to leverage modern tools to an improved DX and more dependable application with a better UX for our users.
  • In 6 months, you’ll have delivered relevant features and improvements to our product and introduced most of the pillars of MVVM reducing significantly our lead time for feature delivery and improving the quality of the DX and UX.
  • In 1 year, you’ll have mastery of the entire codebase and delivery processes while have delivered on the company vision with innovation from your technical expertise.
What can ID-Pal offer you?

ID-Pal is an Irish Award-Winning Identity Verification company which has achieved rapid growth within a short space of time. We are proud of our achievements so far but have much bigger plans and are looking for people who want to be part of that journey. We can offer you complete ownership of your work and the chance to build something you are proud of. The chance to work within a small team and input directly on how we grow and what we achieve. An environment where you will constantly be challenged to learn and adapt as the company grows.

  • If you think you’re a strong candidate for this role please apply by sending your resume to [email protected] – Check out the rest of the team!


United Kingdom