Facial Matching

Facial Matching
Biometric Checks

Make sure that the person completing the identity verification process is the rightful owner of the identity document, using facial matching biometrics.

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Facial Matching

Elevate fraud detection and prevention with cutting-edge facial matching biometrics.

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Multi-Layered Digital

Identity Verification

Our facial matching compares the face from an identity document to the face of the person completing the process, using information taken during Liveness Testing.

Facial matching alone is insufficient for robust fraud prevention as it fails to confirm the authenticity of the identity document or that the image of the person image of the person submitting the information is a real live person

Our platform blends document verification, biometric facial matching, liveness detection and address verification checks into one seamless, simple process.

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Facial Matching FAQs

What is Facial Matching Technology?
Facial matching technology is a sophisticated biometric tool used to verify and identify individuals by comparing digital images of faces. This technology analyses facial features from a captured image and compares them to images in a database, providing a match based on biometric data. It’s widely used in security systems, mobile authentication, and by organisations to enhance identity verification processes, ensuring high levels of accuracy and security in real-time.
Facial matching technology significantly enhances security by providing a reliable, non-intrusive method of verifying identities. It’s highly effective in preventing unauthorised access and fraud, especially in sectors like banking, retail, and public security. By integrating facial matching into security protocols, organisations can ensure that only authenticated individuals access sensitive information or physical locations. This technology also supports regulatory compliance efforts, helping institutions meet stringent standards set for identity verification and privacy.
Our integration capability allows businesses to enhance their current security measures without the need for extensive overhauls or replacements. Our facial matching solution come with comprehensive APIs and support, enabling easy implementation across various platforms including mobile applications, access control systems, and national identification databases. This enhances both the functionality and the scope of security measures, providing robust protection across multiple touchpoints.

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