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ID-Pal are thrilled to announce our latest product enhancement, ID-Detect, that makes the identity document verification process even more robust and secure for your business. This innovative enhancement is an additional feature available to add to our plans and is designed to robustly detect and prevent common types of document fraud and produce detailed results for review.  

Document Fraud Attacks

Research has shown that Screen Recapture, Photography and Portrait Substitution are present in 90% of all attempted document fraud attacks. Here we breakdown what each one is:  

Screen Recapture: A digital reproduction of an identity document made using a device such as a mobile, table, computer, or monitor.

Photocopy: A reproduction of a document printed from a digital image taken by a camera, copier or scanner.

Portrait Substitution: A fraudulent facial photo overlaid onto the portrait of a person in a genuine ID document. 

Benefits of ID-Detect

  • Informed Decisioning: Only real documents confirmed to be physically present or verified according to internal thresholds can proceed in the verification process.  
  • Reduced False-Positives: Enabling ID-Detect reduces false-positive rates, ensuring a smoother onboarding process for genuine customers.  
  • Easy Configuration: Recognising the diverse needs of businesses, ID-Detect offers greater configuration options. Whether you need one or all three features, our team can seamlessly integrate them in ‘Company Settings’. 
  • Clear Verification Results: Once you enable any of the three ID-Detect features they will run on each submission. The results per submission are clearly grouped in your Client Due Diligence report. 
  • Detailed Results Data: Gain detailed insights into each submission. This allows for more informed actions, be it engaging with a customer or rejecting a submission. 


With ID-Detect enabled, you can experience enhanced document verification and accuracy rates on each submission, with testing in one attack vector showing an ability to detect up to 99% of fraudulent documents*. Thus, confirming with greater confidence that a physical document is present, not a reproduction.

This add-on feature will enhance document verification and accuracy rates on each submission, maximising the efficiency of compliance teams, allowing them to focus on high-risk submissions where their expertise is needed the most. 

Regulatory Compliance and Customer Experience

Using our multi-layered verification process, combined with ID-Detect, ensures compliance with the latest regulations and most importantly, peace of mind. This enhancement protects organisations globally from fraud while maintaining a seamless experience for end-users, by adding an additional powerful layer to existing Document Verification processes.  

In a world where document security is paramount, and fraud rates are alarmingly high, ID-Detect is your ally in maintaining the highest standards of verification with the highest level of protection.   

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*Attack presentation classification error rate results testing Photocopy & Printed image <1%


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