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ID-Pal enables businesses to verify the identity of customers simply, securely and conveniently

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How is ID-Pal Different?

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Seamless User Experience
  • An intuitive and convenient journey for your customers and your business
  • Your customers can securely submit their identity information anytime, anywhere in less than 1 minute
  • Unique Business Portal provides streamlined workflow for business to review and approve submissions
Ease of implementation
  • Integrated into your business within a day
  • Instantly customisable to the needs of your business
  • Fully branded with your business colours and logo in a few clicks
Robust Compliance
  • Meet AML & KYC requirements without the complexity, cost, timelines and risk
  • Industry-leading biometric, document and database checks verify that documents have not been forged or tampered with

Highest first time pass rates. % of customers verified in real-time.

How is ID-Pal Better?

Better Outcomes
  • Best quality outcomes with 93.5% of customers being verified in real-time
Better Value
  • ID-Pal’s total cost of ownership is lower than all other providers in the market
  • Prebuilt ready to use
  • No hidden costs
More Flexibility
  • Fully customisable to your business needs across any jurisdiction, customer type and channel
  • Multi-language capability is available

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