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Address e-verification automatically validates a customer’s address while verifying their identity. Onboard real customers in seconds and seamlessly extract address information for validation.

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Automated Address Verification

How it works

How it works

Address E-Verification extracts an individual’s Name and Address automatically from documents submitted during identity verification and deploys database-matching to verify them.

Why use Automated Address Verification?

Activating automated address verification in identity verification effortlessly streamlines your customer onboarding. You no longer require your customer to upload a separate Proof of Address and by verifying documents first, prove the customer currently lives at that address.

Strengthen fraud prevention, while simplifying your customer onboarding journey with Automated Address Verification.

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ID-Pal Identity Verification


Issue a link to a customer

You send a link via SMS or email to your customer to initiate the Identity Verification process.

Customer link received

Your customer receives the link to start the identity verification process and uploads the documents requested.

Live databases matched

Our solution conducts database-matching by extracting the name and address shown in the documents to verify their identity and address. We prove the customer currently lives there.

Faster customer onboarding

Using Address E-Verification eliminates the need for a separate Proof of Address document, making the process quicker to complete.

Benefits of Automated Address Verification

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Address E-Verification FAQs

What is Online Address Verification or Address E-Verification?
Online Address Verification, also known as Address E-Verification, refers to the digital process of verifying an individual’s identity or address by providing electronic documents such as passports, driver’s licenses, or utility bills. Organisations use e-verification of addresses to ensure that customers are legitimate and that their details are accurate. This service is commonly used by financial institutions, online retailers, and service providers to prevent cyber fraud and money laundering.
Address E-Verification is an extra layer to add to your identity verification process. It eliminates the need for a Proof of Address document to be submitted, removing an entire step from the onboarding process and making the process even more convenient for customers. The customer’s address is verified at the same time as their identity is.
By combining identity document checks with address verification checks, you verify an identity document is real while verifying that the details given by the document holder match their residential address. Proving the customer lives at that address. This gives you increased confidence in the identity of your clients or customers.

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