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The easiest way to conduct digital Right to Rent (RTR) checks and meet home office requirements.

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Seamless, Government-Certified Right to Rent Checks

Landlords and Letting Agents in the UK are obliged to verify a tenant’s right to rent before placing them and risk significant fines if they do not complete this process to an acceptable level of confidence. Landlords are now able to use a digital identity service provider (IDSP) to perform digital right to rent checks from anywhere in the UK, providing a better overall experience and a statutory excuse. ID-Pal is a certified IDSP that makes conducting Right to Rent checks simple, secure and convenient for all involved.

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How ID-Pal Helps with Right to Rent Checks

ID-Pal’s government certification provides landlords and letting agents with peace of mind that the identity document validation technology (IDVT) meets the required scheme guidance and the standards and Level of Confidence set out in the UK Digital Identity & Attributes Trust Framework (DIATF). With this knowledge in-hand, they can focus on the fact that they will be providing new tenants with an award-winning identity verification experience that is so simple it can be completed in less than 60 seconds, anytime, anywhere.

Unlike other digital Right to Rent checking solutions, ID-Pal can also capture and verify a tenant’s Proof of Address via the E-Verification functionality that checks numerous databases for a match. The app is also easily customisable to enable the capture of any additional necessary documents.

Seamless, Simple, Intuitive

The ID-Pal app and web portal is the easiest way to verify identities and addresses for digital right to rent checks, for both tenants and landlords.

Branded Tenant-Facing App

Offer an award-winning experience to tenants with a journey that is fully branded and customisable to your business.

Statutory Excuse

Landlords and Letting Agents can rest assured that they are using a UK government-certified IDSP to complete their Right to Rent checks.


ID-Pal verifies identities and addresses for digital Right to Rent checks by leveraging industry-leading technologies that are packaged together into an award-winning experience.

Document Checks

Each document is submitted to a suite of rigorous technical checks to ensure it has not been forged or tampered with.

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Facial Matching Biometrics

Comprehensive 50-point biometric facial comparison ensures that the true owner of the identity document is present.

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Liveness (iBeta)

ID-Pal’s Passive Liveness software is iBeta Level 1 and 2 assured. Highest level of security for your business and minimal effort for your tenants.

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UK Database Checks

Data-base matching of tenants’ name and address provides additional level of fraud protection.

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How Does ID-Pal work?

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We went live in under an hour with ID-Pal, it was even easier to implement than imagined. Using ID-Pal mirrors the deVeres experience: trustworthy, easy and reinforces the priority we place on security and compliance.

Eoghan Scally Saleroom Manager
deVeres Technologies

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