Facial Matching Biometrics

Combat fraudsters by ensuring that the person completing a submission is the true owner of the identity document provided using ID-Pal's facial matching biometrics.

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In the Identity Verification process, facial matching is used to compare the face from an identity document to the face of the person completing the process. This is critical to fight criminal activity where fraudsters are using an identity document that has tampered with or does not belong to them.

How Do ID-Pal’s Facial Matching Biometrics Work?

ID-Pal’s identity verification solution uses a unique blend of biometric, document and database checks to verify the identity and address of a customer. Facial matching biometrics is a key layer of this verification process that delivers next level fraud protection.

Document Verification

Facial Matching

Liveness Testing


During the Identity Verification process, facial matching is used to compare the face from the identity document provided to the face of the person completing the process, taken during the liveness test step.
ID-Pal’s cutting-edge Facial Matching technology maps the biometric features across these 2 facial images in order to determine if the images match (i.e. if they are of the same person). This is done through a comprehensive 50-point biometric facial comparison where measurements are taken from both images, for example the distance between the eyes, in order to determine if the images match.

Facial Matching is Not Enough
However facial matching on its own is not sufficient for a robust identity verification process as it does not confirm the following 2 factors:

  • That the identity document from which the facial image is taken is authentic, such as a Government-issued ID, and that it has not been tampered with or forge.


  • That the image of the person submitting the information is a real live person (as opposed to a digital or physical photo)
    This is why the ID-Pal solution blends the Facial Matching Biometrics with Document Verification and Liveness Testing. Engaging this multi-layered approach enables ID-Pal to verify that a document is genuine and that it belongs to the person completing the transaction in real time.

Seamless and Simple

The ID-Pal customer app and unique business portal provide the easiest way to verify identities. Customers can securely capture and submit their information in seconds, using in app that is so slick it won Best Customer-Facing Experience.

Real-Time Verification

ID-Pal’s identity verification solution is technology-first which enable it to deliver real-time verification. Other providers may rely on Human Assisted AI, which risks delays, human error and data flight. With ID-Pal verification is secure and instant.

Robust Compliance

Meet AML and KYC compliance requirements without the hassle with multi-layered biometric, document and database checks. ID-Pal’s industry-leading accuracy provides peace of mind that your business is protected from fraud.

Unique Blend of Technologies

ID-Pal's Identity Verification solution delivers enhanced verification and fraud protection by engaging a unique blend of technologies to combat fraudsters and give you peace of mind.

Document Checks

Each document is submitted to a suite of rigorous technical checks to ensure it has not been forged or tampered with.

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Database Checks

Data-base matching of customer’s name and address provides additional level of fraud protection.

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Liveness (iBeta)

ID-Pal’s Passive Liveness software is iBeta Level 2 assured. Highest level of security for your business and minimal effort for your customers.

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Unique Multi-layered Verification

Many companies use either document checks or database checks as their method of identity verification. ID-Pal provides a deeper level of enhanced verification.

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How Does ID-Pal work?

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Our experience of working with the team in ID-Pal was 100% positive. I found every member of the team attentive to BDO’s client and team needs. ID-Pal were professional, open-minded, and available to talk to me whenever needed. Our ask was very clear, in that we required a more efficient, effective and secure KYC process, supported by a client-friendly cloud-based application. Once we decided to adopt ID-Pal, the overall “to market” timeline can be measured in weeks. ID-Pal has proven itself to be an agile, yet fully compliant partner, evidenced by BDO Ireland’s seamless adoption across all departments.

Chris Nugent Director & Head BDO
Innovation Ireland


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