Real-time Identity Verification for Accountancy Firms

Meeting AML and KYC compliance requirements is now quick, easy and hassle-free, with ID-Pal’s simple, secure and convenient identity verification solution.

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As AML and KYC requirements tighten, it is critical for businesses to balance compliance with anidentity verification process that is simple and convenient for customers. ID-Pal provides accountancies with an out-of-the-box identity verification solution that has compliance built in while delivering an award-winning experience for the customer.

ID-Pal is ISO 27001 certified, GDPR compliant and trusted by leading companies such as:


What do Accountancy Firms Need?

  • AML and KYC Compliance
  • Fraud Protection
  • Seamless customer onboarding
  • Affordable, out-of-the-box solutions

How ID-Pal Can Help Accountancy Firms

ID-Pal knows that businesses want to focus on providing valuable services to their customers. This is why ID-Pal’s Identity Verification solution was designed to be as seamless as possible for both the business and the customer, while delivering hassle-free AML and KYC compliance. with compliance and fraud protection built right in.


Robust Compliance

ID-Pal’s identity verification service is GDPR compliant and has AML and KYC compliance built right into the platform, allowing businesses to meet regulation requirements with no additional effort.

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Multi-layered Fraud Protection

A unique blend of biometric, document and database checks verify that your customer is who they say they are. ID-Pal’s industry-leading accuracy gives you peace of mind that your business is protected from fraud.

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Award-winning Customer Experience

Onboard customers easily with an app that is so simple and intuitive it won Best Customer-Facing Experience, enabling customers to submit their information anytime, anywhere in under 60 seconds.

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Set Up in a Day

The Identity Verification platform is available out-of-the-box or as an API/SDK, allowing businesses to go live in a day with a solution that integrates seamlessly with existing processes and delivers operational efficiences across the business.

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How Does ID-Pal work?

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Our experience of working with the team in ID-Pal was 100% positive. ID-Pal were professional, open-minded, and available to talk to me whenever needed. Our ask was very clear, in that we required a more efficient, effective, and secure KYC process, supported by a client-friendly cloud-based application. ID-Pal has proven itself to be an agile, yet fully compliant partner, evidenced by BDO Ireland's seamless adoption across all departments.

Chris Nugent Director & Head, BDO Innovation Ireland

ID-Pal is a great solution. It saves us a significant amount of time, and helps us to get contractor verification done digitally, with the confidence that all the technical checks are being performed by the system.

Cuty Gupta (Operations Manager) & Gerard Kiernan (Managing Director), Icon Accounting


United Kingdom