Address E-Verification

Address E-verification provides an additional layer of fraud protection for your business while simplifying the process for customers.

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Enhanced Fraud
Protection Through
Address E-Verification

Address E-Verification is available through the ID-Pal platform. This additional level of fraud protection leverages database-matching, extracting an individual’s Name and Address from their onboarding information and verifying it against multiple databases.

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How ID-Pal Helps with Address E-Verification

Address E-Verification is an optional addition to your ID-Pal Identity Verification process. It seamlessly improves the degree of fraud protection for your business whilst making the onboarding process even simper for your customers.

Enhanced Fraud Prevention

Utilising database-matching, Address E-Verification uses the name and address provided by the customer to confirm that they are who they claim they are – further strengthening a business' protection from fraud.

Simpler Customer Experience

Using the Address E-Verification functionality eliminates the need for a Proof of Address document to be submitted, removing an entire step from the onboarding process and making the process even more convenient for customers.

Global Coverage

A truly global solution, ID-Pal covers more than 6500 Identity Documents from across more than 200 jurisdictions and delivers enhanced verification using 200 verified address data sources. ID-Pal also provides the unique ability to easily customise the app for different customer profiles and jurisdictional requirements.

ID-Pal Technologies and Use Cases

Identity Verification

ID-Pal’s fully customisable solution is the easiest way to verify identities in real-time, simply, securely and conveniently.

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Address E-Verification

Strengthens fraud protection for businesses while simplifying the process of customers.

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AML Compliance

Meet your Anti-Money Laundering compliance requirements with an Identity Verification solution that has AML compliance built in.

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KYC Compliance

Meet your KYC compliance requirements and protect your business from fraud with ID-Pal's KYC compliance solution.

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Customer Onboarding

Simplify the customer onboarding process using ID-Pal's remote, digital identity verification solution.

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Fraud Prevention

Protect your business from fraud with the Identity Verification Service that won Merchant Anti-Fraud Solution of the year.

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Next-Level Fraud Protection

Multi-layered Verification

Industry-leading biometric, document and database checks work together to ensure that your customer is who they say they are.

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Unique Blend of Checks

Many companies use either document checks or database checks as their method of identity verification. ID-Pal provides a deeper level of enhanced verification.

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How Does ID-Pal work?

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Using a platform that provides seamless KYC verification for individuals in our major jurisdictions is an important component to efficient and effective client on-boarding. ID-Pal has the technology to support our aims and has helped us to quickly offer compliant, reliable virtual individual verification at a time when we needed it most. We are looking forward to continuing to build on this relationship in the future.

Tamara Vanmeggelen Chief Risk & Compliance Officer

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