Seamless Customer Onboarding

ID-Pal delivers a simple and convenient onboarding experience for customers, with robust compliance for your business.

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Identity Verification for
Simple, Secure, Convenient
Customer Onboarding

In today’s digital-forward world, customers expect simple, convenient digital solutions at their fingertips, and that includes the ability to open an account, activate a gift card and any other circumstance where they need to verify their identity. While businesses must provide a user-friendly experience, they often struggle to balance this with robust compliance, resulting in lost revenues from customer abandonment, increased costs due to manual processing in the back office and heightened exposure to risk from identity fraud.

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How ID-Pal Helps with Customer Onboarding

Customer Onboarding is the first step of every business relationship with a customer. It is therefore critical that the journey be as convenient and friction-free as possible, to ensure that the experience is positive, and customers do not drop off due to a frustrating process. ID-Pal’s identity verification solution delivers an award-winning experience to customers that they can complete in seconds, while maintaining robust compliance and fraud protection for businesses.

Seamless and Simple

The ID-Pal customer app and unique business portal provide the easiest way to verify identities. Customers can securely capture and submit their information in seconds, using an app that is so slick it won Best Customer-Facing Experience.

Real-Time Verification

ID-Pal’s identity verification solution is technology-first which enables it to deliver real-time verification. Other providers may rely on Human Assisted AI, which risks delays, human error and data flight. With ID-Pal verification is secure and instant.

Global Coverage

Ensure that you can onboard new customers no matter where they are based. ID-Pal provides a truly global solution, covering more than 200 jurisdictions, verifying more than 6500 Identity Documents and offering enhanced verification through 200 address data sources. With ID-Pal you also have the unique ability to easily customise the app for different customer profiles and jurisdictional requirements.

Streamlined Review and Approval

Each customer submission is subjected to rigorous technical checks and securely delivered to the business’ web portal, where the results of the checks can be viewed, allowing the business to efficiently approve or flag a submission. Real-time decisioning and smart exceptions handling workflows maximise the efficiency of the Compliance team, allowing them to focus on high-risk submissions where their expertise is needed the most.


ID-Pal’s identity verification solution blends cutting-edge technologies and an award-winning interface to deliver a world-class customer onboarding experience.

Identity Verification

ID-Pal’s fully customisable solution is the easiest way to verify identities in real-time, simply, securely and conveniently.

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Identity Document Verification

A suite of rigorous technical checks determines if the identity document is genuine and has not been tampered with or forged.

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Address E-Verification

Strengthens fraud protection for businesses while simplifying the process for customers.

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How Does ID-Pal work?

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With a relentless focus on continuously improving our customer experience, we look forward to continuing to work together with ID-Pal to further enhance our on-boarding experience, bringing efficiencies to our clients and partners whilst also achieving our regulatory compliance objectives.

Hubert O’Donohue General Manager
AIB Merchant Services


United Kingdom