Customer Onboarding. Made Easy.

Extremely user-friendly experience

Upload ID documents in less than 1 minute. Our app is simple and intuitive, allowing customers to capture and submit their ID documentation in less than 60 seconds.

Remote onboarding. ID documentation can be uploaded from anywhere and at any time, even from the comfort of their own home. No need to have true copies certified or travel to provide material in-person.

2-click app download. Customers receive a link that takes them directly to the ID-Pal app. No need to search through the app store.

Efficient, streamlined process

Rules-based workflow. The platform’s workflow ensures that every piece of identity documentation undergoes rigorous manual and technical verification checks.

Saved time. The business portal allows businesses to review and approve a customer’s onboarding documentation in less than a minute.

Freed-Up Resources. Resources are freed up to spend time focusing on delivering value to clients and generating revenue for the business.

Robust compliance system

Technical checks. The ID-Pal web portal runs advanced technical check against the identity documents to confirm there is no evidence of forgery or tampering.

Full Audit Trail. A comprehensive Customer Due Diligence report is generated and stored securely, providing peace of mind that your business is fully compliant with KYC regulations.

Business maintains control. Ultimate control of the customer’s verification and final onboarding remains with the business.

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