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In-person ID&V


Remote ID&V


In-person Off-site


Broker Model


Customer Backbook



Onboarding customers in-person becomes a quick and convenient process for both the business and the customer. Customer onboarding information is captured and verified in minutes!

Significantly more efficient and convenient for both the business and the customer

Time taken to complete the process is reduced to minutes

Avoid errors re-typing information into multiple systems with a single point of capture

Securely generated and stored Client Due Diligence reports further improve compliance with data protection regulations

Saved time enables staff to focus on providing value to the customer rather than executing cumbersome, paper based manual processes

Avoid driving up back office costs due to lengthy onboarding processes

Multi-layered verification enhances the robustness of back office AML/KYC compliance

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“ID-Pal has really streamlined our onboarding process and the customer service from their side is excellent.”

— Francois van Heerden Business Development and Client Relations Manager



Customers experience a significantly improved onboarding experience as they are able to complete the process anytime, anywhere. Using the app, customers capture and securely submit their identity documents and information at their own convenience. It takes less than a minute!

Extremely convenient customer experience

Customers can complete the onboarding process anytime, anywhere—even from the comfort of their own home!

Convenient experience significantly decreases the customer drop-off rate

Customers can submit additional/forgotten documents quickly and easily, at their own convenience

Customers do not need to go to a branch in-person

Customer submits their identity documents directly from their mobile device or tablet

Submission of documents takes less than a minute

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“Other providers were offering to phase in a solution over a period of months. But we needed to onboard customers digitally as soon as possible. Using ID-Pal we were up and running, it was seamless. Advertising that the joining process takes just five minutes is a competitive advantage and a unique selling point.”

— Kevin Rooney Marketing and Digital Acquisition Manager



An extremely efficient and effective solution for onboarding customers face-to-face when you are not in the office. Business representatives, brokers and other members of your financial network can onboard customers anytime, anywhere.

Onboard customers on-the-road anytime, anywhere—at conferences, trade shows, exhibitions etc.

Convenient for business and customer

Using the Business App, businesses can onboard customers in seconds

Drives up the number of new customers by providing an onboarding solution for any occasion

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“Our clients are extremely impressed with the new digital onboarding solution and the fact that our firm is progressive enough to make use of such cutting-edge technology”

— Francois van Heerden Business Development and Client Relations Manager



A solution that is unique to ID-Pal, the Broker Model enables a business’s network of brokers/financial advisors to complete the customer onboarding process whilst leaving the verification and approval process in the hands of the head office.

Enable a network of financial advisors/brokers to onboard customers quickly and easily

Customer identity documentation is captured in minutes

Head office uses the ID-Pal portal to thoroughly verify and authenticate submissions using a suite of industry-leading technologies

A comprehensive Customer Due Diligence report is generated with key customer identity information

Robust AML/KYC compliance

Network can efficiently onboarding customers inperson anytime, anywhere using the ID-Pal Business App

Identity information is securely submitted directly to the head office

Review and approval of submissions takes seconds

CDD report is securely saved and can be viewed 24/7

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“Following the implementation of extensive regulation over the last number of years, Investment firms, Financial Advisors and their clients have been spending a significant amount time carrying out the customer onboarding process, which at times is frustratingly slow and reducing client activity. With the assistance of ID-Pal, BCP’s onboarding process is very quick and user-friendly, and has significantly reduced the time input from all parties involved.”

– Colman Phelan Intermediary Directory BCP Asset Management



The process of updating back books does not have to be an expensive source of frustration for the business and the customer. Using ID-Pal, KYC credentials can be updated affordably in just seconds. In two clicks the customer captures the relevant documentation and securely submits their information to the business where it is verified and a client due diligence report is generated.

Updated KYC credentials provided in seconds

Manual processing reduced to seconds

Robust and cost-effective AML compliance

Significantly increased customer response rates

Fees only applicable to submissions received



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