BCP Launches ID-Pal as Digital Client Onboarding Solution

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Press Release

BCP Asset Management leading the Irish market with the rollout of their digital client onboarding solution across their financial advisor network.

As part of a broader digitization strategy, BCP is working with ID-Pal to enable Financial Advisors to verify their clients’ proof of identity and address in a matter of seconds, providing not only a better customer experience but also a more robust compliance process.


“Following the implementation of extensive regulation over the last number of years, Investment firms, Financial Advisors and their clients have been spending a significant amount time carrying out the customer onboarding process, which at times is frustratingly slow and reducing client activity. With the assistance of ID-Pal, BCP’s onboarding process is very quick and user-friendly, and has significantly reduced the time input from all parties involved.” – Colman Phelan, Intermediary Director, BCP Asset Management


Digitisation of the account opening process is still an emerging trend for banks and financial institutions. However, this is the very first time such industry-leading technology has been made accessible across a network of financial advisors.


“BCP is one of Ireland’s largest providers of investment solutions for the financial advisory market, with an extensive network of nearly 1,000 intermediaries and advisors across the entire country. We are very excited to be launching our broker model with BCP as we prepare for a wider rollout across the EU and US.” – James O’Toole, CEO, ID-Pal

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Brian Williams (Business Development Manager, ID-Pal) with Adrian Missen (Head of Client Development, BCP Asset Management) and Colman Phelan (Intermediary Director, BCP Asset Management) at the BCP roadshow launching ID-Pal as their new digital AML service.



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