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Located in the Great Lakes region of the United States, Ohio is an innovative state with a stable economy, low-cost energy, diverse industries and welcoming communities, all of which position domestic and international investors for success.

Ohio has the seventh largest state economy, a dedicated, loyal workforce and diverse industries helping the state stand out as an attractive location for international executives initiating new operations in the U.S. Ohio is within close proximity to population and industry epicenters in Chicago, New York, Detroit, and Toronto. With a low cost of living, 17 major metropolitan areas, a best-in-class business climate and world-class educational opportunities, it’s no wonder that Ohio is home to both thousands of U.S. companies and thousands of international establishments.


JobsOhio was created in 2011  to lead Ohio’s job-creation efforts by focusing on job growth and capital investment, and ultimately creating a better future for Ohioans. As a privately run company, JobsOhio can respond more quickly to trends in business and industry, implementing programs and services that meet specific needs, including: site selection, workforce development, specialized assistance and more. A team of industry experts with many years of business experience lead JobsOhio and support businesses with the guidance, contacts and resources necessary to succeed in Ohio.

The state really is becoming known for its innovation and startup culture, and apart from being a beautiful city Columbus is a great place to do business – according to Forbes the city is booming.


    • Ohio is 5th largest financial services sector in the U.S.
    • Ohio ranks 3rd in top 50 bank HQs, and 4th in top 50 insurance HQs (by assets)
    • Ohio has over 44,000 graduates each year that are qualified to work in financial services/fintech
    • Ohio’s is ¼ the cost for commercial rent, compared to NYC and San Francisco
    • Ohio’s wage cost is about ½ of NYC and San Francisco.


Since 2017 JobsOhio has been supporting ID-Pal as part of its Fintech initiative and has facilitated our entry into the market in the USA. JobsOhio ranks as the No. 3 state economic development organization in the USA, according to a survey of U.S. corporate executives and site selection consultants released at the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) Annual Conference.


In this interview James O’Toole (CBO) details how Columbus has a network of engaged corporate partners with a high concentration of financial services providers. The ID-Pal partnership with Sherpa Technologies in the USA is a direct result of our support from JobsOhio and an excellent example of helping successful startups scale up their operations through their support services.

Sherpa Technologies deploys a digital platform that provides a suite of flexible, scalable solutions which credit unions can adopt, and the digital verification service which ID-Pal provides is part of that platform.

Sherpa has invested in tools and technology that enable the rapid development and rollout of digital solutions, ensuring their usability and a seamless integration to provide the best experience for Credit Union members in the USA.

On-boarding new customers will always be integral to growth, and the customer journey is a challenge for any business, ID-Pal can help you to solve that problem.

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