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Go live within a day, with an affordable, out-of-the-box identity verification solution that was built for SMEs.

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Out-of-the-box Compliance

Go live for as little as $249/month

While some IDV providers charge up to $10,000 just to get started, with ID-Pal you can be up and running for as little as $249/month.

From day one, ID-Pal was built to meet the identity verifications needs of small and medium sized businesses that did not have the financial or developmental resources to build their own solution or invest in an expensive 3rd party platform.

Whilst the solution has since evolved to easily meet the needs of business of all sizes, our core product remains true to our SME roots with businesses getting started for as little as $249/month.

This process, which would have been tens of thousands of dollars in implementation alone, was done organically for a fraction of the cost with ID-Pal.

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The ID-Pal Solution is:

On top of delivering the above benefits to SMEs, ID-Pal goes above and beyond other providers on the market.

100% AI-driven

ID-Pal is one of the only vendors that is 100% technology driven which enables real-time verification, reduces data flight risk and fights AI-fraud with AI-powered technology.

Certified and Industry Accredited


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