Has the ID-Pal Solution Been Affected by COVID19?

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ID-Pal’s Identity Verification Solution is entirely digital and does not require human intervention in order to carry out its advanced biometric, document and database verification checks.

Even at the best of times, this is a significant advantage over those ID&V solutions that rely on a manual review step in order to complete their verification checks, but during Covid-19 times this difference is critical.

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Why ID-Pal Has The Best ID&V Process

Because of Covid-19, those systems that rely on a manual review check to complete the verification process have now been compromised in their ability to deliver timely, secure outcomes due to the new business reality of social distancing and staff working from home.

With these key teams now Working From Home, it could also bring into question the security of the personal identity data that is being manually reviewed and verified.

The fact that ID-Pal’s system is entirely digital means that the advanced technical checks run on every customer submission are not affected in any way by the Covid-19 restrictions.

We continue to deliver high quality, high speed ID&V outcomes, with 93.5% of customers being validated in real-time.

  • No disruption to the quality and speed of the ID&V service
  • 100% digital verification checks
  • 93.5% of customers verified in real-time

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