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You only have one shot to make a first good impression, and when a better onboarding experience can double trial conversion rates and ultimately reduce customer churn, you want to make sure you do everything you can to get it right. You are going to need a supportive tech platform in place to enable a truly outstanding customer on boarding experience for your customers.

ID-Pal as a customer onboarding tool, is a powerful combination of sophisticated algorithms that allows us to prove real-world identities in a smart and fully automated way.

  • We take the data with permission
  • We transfer and store it securely
  • We use the information to verify the identity of the person
  • We verify the providence of the documents.

And all of this is done with the best practices of data protection baked into the process.

Get a clear and detailed verification report in real time

Simple UI & Process KYC & AML Compliance Reduce Costs & Time

“Achieve trust and compliance in the digital channel with ID verification”

Facial Comparison

Face comparison adds another factor of identity verification.

  • Verify Faces
  • Person identification
  • Real-time video face search

Address Check

Our address validation works in real time to help you collect only accurate address data. We make sure the data you collect is accurate and that the experience is as simple as possible for your customers.

Identity Check

Real-time document verification by end-users enables our customers to prove their identity. From financial services firms to marketplaces and community giants, we help thousands of companies across the world verify identities during the customer onboarding process.

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ID-Pal will secure your information and will never contact you without your consent.


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