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Press Release

October 12th, 2021.

Ireland— Provenir, a leader in risk decisioning and data analytics software, helps organisations make smarter decisions that are easy-to-integrate with existing decisioning workflows.

Provenir has added ID-Pal to their Global Data Marketplace. Used by businesses worldwide this marketplace is the one-stop hub that offers easy access to data sources covering KYC, fraud, credit risk, identity verification, and more.

This exciting partnership means Provenir customers can seamlessly integrate ID-Pal’s identity and address verification solution into their existing AML and KYC decisioning workflows and compliance process. Our solution offers real-time Identity & Address Verification across any customer channel and jurisdiction.

“It is with great excitement that we join Provenir’s marketplace at its inception”, said Alexander Blayney, Head of Strategic Partnerships & Enterprise Sales with ID-Pal. “With Provenir’s own integration and ID-Pal’s out-of-the-box nature, we can be easily deployed as a standalone solution or alongside other Marketplace vendors. We look forward to continuing to service global businesses through this new channel.”

ID-Pal offers the best of both worlds: An out-of-the-box solution available as an API/SDK. Lenders, banks, insurance companies, and fintech institutions can improving user experience by verifying an identity in seconds while benefiting from the efficiency of an integration that takes just hours not months.

How ID-Pal can transform your onboarding

ID-Pal enables the seamless exchange of trusted identities anytime, anywhere.  For your business, it gives confidence in decisions made while saving time and money from the efficiencies delivered.  Our use of biometrics, AI and database checks offer the easiest and fastest way to a robustly verify an identity.

ID-Pal delivers:

  • A seamless user experience that enables a customer to verify their identity credentials in real-time across any channel, simply and securely.


  • Robust multi-layered verification of an individual’s identity and address, with fraud prevention and data protection best practices integrated into every step of the journey.


  • Accelerated digital transformation with a solution that maximizes customer conversion rates whilst preventing fraud at source during onboarding – a key component of a compliance framework.

About ID-Pal

Winner of Best Customer Facing Experience at the Emerging Payments Awards 2021. ID-Pal is an award-winning ISO27001 certified SaaS solution that enables businesses to verify the identity of customers and meet their AML/KYC compliance requirements remotely. The plug and play platform does not require integration and can be up and running same day. Customisable to the specific needs of any business, the solution eliminates the complexity, cost, timelines and risk associated with regulatory compliance. ID-Pal’s blend of best-of-breed technologies and seamless user experience delivers the highest first-time pass rate, with 93.5% of customers being verified in real-time. For more information on this visit

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