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[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Join ID-Pal on September 15-17 to understand the complexity and challenge ahead in the fight against financial crime.

In 2020 criminal groups around the world were exploiting opportunities for illicit profit during the COVID-19 pandemic. This increase in financial crime that is not just hurting our economies but having a personal impact on people’s lives. ID-Pal is proud to partner sponsor the 2021 Dark Money Conference to be part of the movement to reduce and mitigate financial crimes through stronger identity defences.

Who should attend Dark Money Conference 2021?

This year’s Dark Money Conference will see hundreds of attendees and over 30 speakers take part. Key figures from financial Institutions, law enforcement, government bodies, non-profit global organisations, investigative journalists, consultants will discuss the solutions to combatting financial crime with a collaborative approach.

Anyone working in financial services, fintech, AML, Risk and compliance will gain value from this three-day event. Buy tickets and find out more here.

What are the panels each day for Dark Money Conference 2021?

The theme for day 1 of Dark Money Conference is “How FinCrime hurts us all”

Starting from a social perspective, the first panel session on Day 1 will be made of leading investigative journalists, law enforcers and global heads of compliance as they discuss the social harm caused by financial crime.

The second panel session will be leading consultants discussing the economic harm caused by financial crime.

Finally Matthew Caruana Galizia from the Daphne Foundation will share how he has taken the fight against financial crime forward in the past year with his continued campaign for justice for his mother, Daphne Galizia, an anti-corruption journalist who was assassinated in 2017.

Day 2 will be packed with speakers discussing the theme “Fighting FinCrime Smarter and Faster”.

  • What are we doing and what can we do to expose the systems and networks that enable corruption?
  • The Tech Tactics to fight FinCrime
  • What can businesses do now to reap the rewards later?

Finally, day 3 of Dark Money Conference 2021 will focus on “Turning Defence into Attack”. The panel topics on September 17 include:

  • A more organised response to more organised crime.
  • Fighting back with Tech
  • Joining the Data dots
  • The Missing CryptoQueen – with journalist Jamie Bartlett.

Find out more and buy tickets for what is sure to be an engaging and value-packed three-day event here.

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