ID-Pal Triumphs at RegTech Insight USA Awards Following Impressive US Launch

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In a remarkable testament to innovation and excellence in regulatory technology, ID-Pal has been crowned the winner of the Best KYC Solution at the prestigious RegTech Insight USA Awards. This accolade comes hot on the heels of ID-Pal’s successful launch in the United States, marking a significant milestone in the company’s global expansion journey. 

The US Launch 

ID-Pal’s recent US launch has been nothing short of spectacular. Entering the American market, ID-Pal has brought its unique blend of technology and service to a whole new clientele, demonstrating its commitment to simplifying and securing identity verification processes across borders. 

Salesforce Integration 

A pivotal aspect of ID-Pal’s success story is its seamless integration with Salesforce. This strategic move has not only enhanced ID-Pal’s service offering but has also provided an unparalleled convenience for businesses relying on Salesforce for their CRM needs. The integration ensures that clients can enjoy a streamlined, efficient, and secure identity verification process, all within their familiar Salesforce environment. Find out more about ID-Pal on Salesforce here.  

Impact on US Customers 

The impact of ID-Pal’s services on US customers has been profound. A diverse range of American businesses, from financial institutions to healthcare providers, have adopted ID-Pal’s solutions, reaping significant benefits. These organizations have reported enhanced security, reduced fraud, and a more streamlined customer onboarding experience. The agility and adaptability of ID-Pal’s technology mean that businesses of all sizes can enjoy a tailor-made identity verification process that suits their specific needs. 

Reason why US Clients are Adopting ID-Pal 

ID-Pal’s offerings are uniquely positioned to cater to the specific needs of the US market. Key differentiators include: 

  • Advanced Compliance: Ensuring adherence to the stringent regulatory requirements prevalent in the US market. 
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simplifying the user experience without compromising on security. 
  • Scalability: Capable of handling the demands of both small businesses and large enterprises. 
  • Customization: Offering bespoke solutions that align with the unique needs of each client. 

Testimonials and Success Stories 

Several US-based clients have shared their success stories, highlighting how ID-Pal’s solutions have revolutionized their identity verification processes. Read first hand accounts of the tangible benefits experienced by these organizations:  

“Our goal was to deliver a seamless member experience for remote onboarding while strengthening the process across our branch network. ID-Pal has enabled us to drive member conversion rates while preventing fraud at source with a solution that was easy to deploy and great value for the business.” – Bayer Heritage FCU 

“KYC is necessary to prevent fraudulent or terrorist activities and to comply with anti-money laundering regulations, but it can be cumbersome for credit unions to incorporate within a suite of digital experiences, which could result in lax compliance practices and increased digital onboarding abandonment. We chose to partner with ID-Pal because it is a compliant, end-to-end solution that offers credit unions a comprehensive and seamless verification and member experience.” – Sherpa Technologies 

“ID-Pal gave us the functionality we needed at an affordable price, helping us build a process to open accounts completely online. This process, which would have been tens of thousands of dollars in implementation alone, was done organically for a fraction of the cost with ID-Pal. The implementation was quick and easy, and we have since expanded our use of the platform to help with all things involving identity verification.”  – Spirit of Alaska FCU 

ID-Pal – Winner of Best KYC Solution 

Angela Wilbraham, CEO at A-Team Group, and host of the 3rd annual RegTech Insight Awards USA 2023,commented “These awards recognise companies providing RegTech solutions that have successfully improved firms’ ability to respond to evolving and ever more complex regulatory requirements across the global financial services industry. Our congratulations go to ID-Pal for winning Best Know Your Customer Solution.” 

James O’Toole, Chief Business Officer of ID-Pal, leading on the USA Market said, “We are honoured to have won the Best KYC category at the RegTech Insight Awards USA, and it serves as a testament to the hard work and dedication of our entire team. ID-Pal is committed to driving innovation in the RegTech sector, particularly in KYC compliance, and helping businesses succeed in an ever-changing regulatory landscape. We are grateful to our clients and partners for their trust in us.” 

About ID-Pal

Winner of Best Customer Facing Experience at the Pay360 Awards and shortlisted for Accounting Tech of the Year the Europe FinTech 2023 awards, ID-Pal is an award-winning ISO 27001 certified SaaS solution that enables businesses to verify the identity and address of customers in real-time and meet their AML/KYC compliance requirements. The plug and play platform can be up and running in the same day, and is also available as an API/SDK. Customisable to the specific needs of any business, the solution eliminates the complexity, cost, timelines, and risk associated with regulatory compliance.


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