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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]This November ID-Pal CTO Rob O’Farrell spoke to host of PassW0rd Peter Warren for their latest episode, “Data, data everywhere”.

Password is a monthly talk show about the ramifications of technology – how we use it, and how it uses us. Host Peter Warren is an award-winning investigative journalist who each month explores current affairs and new technology.

In the episode Peter examines the world of data that is underpinning the 21st century, how it is used by Big Tech and the remarkably intimate picture that it can reveal about us. Using a series of interviews with cyber security experts  including our CTO, he explores the issues this is creating both for our privacy and for the companies that are struggling to deal with keeping tabs on our records following the trend towards home working.

Listen to the episode in full below or jump to the 49:36 mark to hear Rob’s insights. Or connect with Rob on LinkedIn.



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