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Following a host of releases that focused on establishing stability and security enhancements to the ID-Pal platform, our latest release will focus on delivering important feature and functionality updates which are the result of direct feedback from live customers.

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Streamline Your Customer Onboarding

ID-Pal now enables you to create different journeys for new customers.

These features will deliver significant customisation capability across both the web portal and the native applications, and is indicative of our constant work to deliver an industry-leading user experience with a fully realised flexible architecture.

1. Multiple Customised App Profiles

  • Does your business handle a number of different customer profiles? This new feature enables you to create multiple, customised versions of your app, each set up with its own default requirements tailored to the customer profiles of your business.
  • Send a customised onboarding journey to your customers with just one click!
  • Now that profiles can be created, a business can create specific business profiles to cater for numerous use cases, and enforce a level of control on their operatives.
  • Using the example of the Banking industry, the business portal now enables separate profiles for Savings, Current, and Mortgage accounts.

2. Assign Customer Submissions to Individual Users

  • Benefit from a significantly increased level of control and organisation within your business by assigning responsibility for submissions to certain individuals.
  • Avoid work duplication and ensure clear accountability.

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3. Advanced Branding

  • ID-Pal offers the unique capability to customise the native apps with a company logo and branding colours, instantly personalising the experience for end users.
  • The enhancement to this customisation capability by letting the business personalise the primary and secondary text colour used across the native apps, as well as improving the custom. logo feature to ensure that uploaded logos are never distorted.

4. Enhanced options for Proof of Address 

  • The functionality for Proof of Address has been expanded. You can now specify which Proof of Address documents are required and even create a group of acceptable Proof of Address documents. Allowing your customer to choose which option to capture and submit.
  • Additional Document Capture now allows customers to capture documents with multiple pages.
  • Enhanced document variations for Proof of Address and Additional Documents.

5. Enhanced User Role management

  • Now you can implement a User Role structure that provides your business with complete control over the access rights within your business. Contact your ID-Pal representative for more information on this option.

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What This Means For Customers

  • For all existing customers, a ‘default profile’ will be visible on the validation process screen for the business user.
  • Customers will not need to take any action to prevent a break in their current process.
  • When this default profile is created for existing customers, it will also mirror this profile in the business app for that business.
  • Meaning that the business app will reflect exactly the same set of submission criteria as the customer app.

Other Useful Updates

  • Updated user interface on data capture page.
  • API update to enable a company get a list of alerts for their account.
  • Creation of a notification centre within the native app.

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Competitive Advantage

ID-Pal brings your business one step further to actually making seamless yet robust compliance a source of competitive advantage.

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