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reveres auction house

deVeres Auction House Case Study


deVeres is one of the leading Irish auction houses in the sale of art and 20th century design.


In April 2021 the Criminal Justice (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing) (Amendment) Act 2021 entered into force.

One of the changes introduced was the inclusion of high value art traders and high value art intermediaries as a category of designated persons under the Act.

These new changes mean Irish art auction houses and galleries must implement strict internal policies, controls and to prevent and detect money laundering (ML) and terrorism financing (TF).

Verifying the identity and address of potential customers will allow businesses to know their customer and to onboard genuine clients while preventing fraud at source.
One auction house strengthening their robust AML process to comply with the new ML/TF changes in the high value art space is deVeres.

We went live in under an hour with ID-Pal, it was even easier to implement than imagined. Using ID-Pal mirrors the deVeres experience: trustworthy, easy and reinforces the priority we place on security and compliance.

Eoghan Scally, Saleroom Manager


With ID-Pal, art houses and galleries like deVeres can access industry-leading AI, machine-learning and biometrics to check a document across any jurisdiction.

deVeres went live same day with a global solution that can verify identity and address documents on any device in seconds.

Their verification process has been transformed overnight with no interruption to service and no technical resources required. Intermediaries, customers and third parties working with an art-house or gallery using ID-Pal gain peace of mind from a solution that delivers:

• Robust compliance & fraud protection

• Back-office efficiencies

• A thorough, easy-access audit trail

• Through a seamless, secure digital KYC process


Each client’s documentation is securely submitted to the ID-Pal Business Portal where it is thoroughly verified and authenticated using a suite of industry-leading technologies that include:

  • Liveness Check: Motion detection and facial gesture recognition prevents identity fraud.
  • Facial Comparison: 50-point biometric facial match.
  • Document Verification: Up to 75-point check to ensure against tampering or forgery.
  • Address Verification: checking address documents against trusted databases.


The portal allows the deVeres team to verify and approve customer submissions in seconds. A comprehensive Customer Due Diligence (CDD) report is generated with key customer documents, providing them with a robust compliance process and audit trail for each customer.

Using our ID&V solution awarded deVeres time and cost efficiencies beyond identity verification within seconds and customer onboarding within minutes:

  • Manual review & verification of documents no longer needed.
  • Decrease in drop-offs in the onboarding process.
  • No longer relying on manual upload by a customer.

We’re assured of meeting our requirements in terms of KYC and AML and the process saves our team time.

Eoghan Scally, Saleroom Manager


deVeres Critical Needs were:

• Identity and Address verification with global coverage.

• Automation of a transparent audit trail to match regulatory requirements.

• Seamless and secure solution that was simple to use for their customers.

• Remove the burden of what is traditionally associated with identity verification, creating efficiencies and time-saving.

ID-Pal delivered:

• Industry-leading Biometric, Facial and Document checks.

• Across 6000+ Identity Documents and 200+ Verified Address Data Sources.

• Best Practice AML & GDPR compliance built into every step of the journey.

• Comprehensive Client Due Diligence Report automatically generated within business portal.


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