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First Tech Credit Union Case Study


First Tech Credit Union is Ireland’s only credit union dedicated to the information, communication, and technology (ICT) sector and has provided expert financial services to the communications industry for over 60 years.

At First Tech Credit Union we are proud to be delivering the best service to our members no matter the times and changes that can occur overnight. Our members are our priority.

Kevin Rooney, Marketing and Digital Acquisition Manager
First Tech Credit Union


First Tech Credit Union offers membership to people working in ICT. Prior to 2020, in-person site visits to ICT companies across Ireland was a key acquisition and retention channel.

Before using ID-Pal, members struggled to be document-ready to complete onboarding in-person during site visits. Not having all the necessary documents led to a percentage of new members not completing the signup process or pausing onboarding due to incomplete document uploads. The risk for First Tech Credit Union was losing the potential new member as they did not complete a part of the onboarding process or downloaded forms to finish it manually later.

The arrival of Covid-19 and restrictions placed meant the challenges of in-person onboarding were greater as all signups were now remote.

Another key AML and KYC requirement for First Tech Credit Union is updating back books of existing members. Maintenance of records is another compliance regulation that credit unions must comply with. Requiring customers to provide in-date versions of expired documentation was time-consuming and was a manual process completed by the compliance officer and the members.


First Tech Credit union understood the need to find a solution that fit with their existing processes and could be integrated as soon as possible. They also needed an ID&V solution that passed all the compulsory compliance checks they in turn run on potential providers.

ID-Pal satisfied all the necessary due diligence checks within days, leading to an even faster integration and allowing First Tech to be onboarded as an ID-Pal customer even sooner.

The First Tech Credit Union brand also underwent a full refresh that was launched in April 2020 so the addition of ID-Pal to their onboarding process at that time, offered a fully realised new brand and new experience for all members.

The process to update out-of-date documentation for existing members is now also friction-free. Existing members can submit new documents via a link sent to them. The app is fully branded as First Tech Credit Union to signal trust and security for all members.

Advertising that the joining process takes less than five minutes is a competitive advantage and a unique selling point (USP)

Kevin Rooney, Marketing and Digital Acquisition Manager
First Tech Credit Union


Each member’s documentation is securely submitted to the ID-Pal Business Portal where it is thoroughly verified and authenticated using a suite of industry-leading technologies that include:

  • Liveness Check: Motion detection and facial gesture recognition prevents identity fraud.
  • Facial Comparison: 50-point biometric facial match.
  • Document Verification: Up to 75-point check to ensure against tampering or forgery.
  • Address Verification: checking address documents against trusted databases.

The portal allows the First Tech Credit Union team to verify and approve customer submissions in seconds. A comprehensive Customer Due Diligence (CDD) report is generated with key customer documents, providing them with a robust compliance process and audit trail for each customer. 
Using an ID&V solution awarded the First Tech Credit Union team time and cost efficiencies beyond identity verification within seconds and customer onboarding within minutes:

  • Manual review & verification of documents no longer needed.
  • Decrease in drop-offs in the onboarding process.
  • No longer relying on manual upload by a customer.

“Other providers were offering to phase in a solution over a period of months. But we need to onboard customers digitally as soon as possible. Using ID-Pal we were up and running, it was seamless.”


Simplicity and ease-of-use were key criteria in choosing their ID&V provider so any member would be able to successfully onboard with them or to be able to understand how to submit documents in just a few clicks.

Using ID-Pal even opened First Tech Credit Union up to new member profile that wanted a digital-first onboarding experience.

With this member-centric approach, First Tech Credit Union found ID-Pal not only offered operational efficiencies to solve their onboarding challenges, but also met their regulatory requirements.

Benefits for First Tech Credit Union

  • Robust compliance & fraud protection
  • Seamless API integration with business portal
  • Back-office efficiencies
  • Thorough, easy-access audit trail
  • Speed of IDV used as a USP

Benefits for their members

  • Friction-free onboarding experience, on their terms
  • Member onboarding completed in less than 60 seconds
  • Remote onboarding anytime, anywhere
  • Inclusive, clear onboarding flow for members of all ages to follow.


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