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Parfrey Murphy
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Parfrey Murphy Streamline Their KYC Process with ID-Pal


The biggest challenges faced by chartered accountants Parfrey Murphy was finding a solution to streamline their KYC process and integrate with existing workflows. In choosing ID-Pal they found an identity verification solution that was out-of-the-box and compliant by design.

Challenge: Compliance & Convenience

2020 highlighted the need for Parfrey Murphy to review their solution for AML and KYC and investigate a digital transformation to securely verify customers remotely in an efficient way. While complying with all their AML and KYC requirements, Parfrey Murphy found their current process was manual and required continuous time and resources from the team to maintain. With the business now operating remotely and not able to meet new clients in-person, a solution was needed.

A second challenge faced by Parfrey Murphy was gathering in-date documents to complete their AML checks on existing clients.


After the first demonstration with the Parfrey Murphy partners and team, it was clear the efficiency and accuracy that ID-Pal would bring to their KYC and AML process was invaluable and would grow with the business. In terms of Customer Due Diligence or CDD, having a report produced automatically and available to access at all times saves time and money and means Parfrey Murphy is now always audit-ready. The Parfrey Murphy team didn’t need to bring in external technical support to integrate with ID-Pal. The process was done in a day without additional spend on integration.

The key problems that ID-Pal solved for Parfrey Murphy is that of complexity, risk and time. Using ID-Pal allowed Parfrey Murphy to free up resources and give time back to business growth activity. This team had previously allocated time across several team members weekly to their AML and KYC process. Maintenance, tracking and the follow up process took time and resources.

Now when Parfrey Murphy customers onboard new clients or remind clients to update their documents that are now out of date, one person can send a link to download the ID-Pal app and upload documents. This has reduced their identity verification process to just minutes. Permitted users can navigate the portal and send a link to a customer to verify their identity.

After all checks have been completed within minutes, a full CDD report is automatically generated and stored in their business portal and always providing Parfrey Murphy with a robust audit trail.

From the beginning the demonstration showed how quick and simple the process is for the Parfrey Murphy team to use we didn’t have to be technical experts to manage it

Parfrey Murphy

Benefits for Parfrey Murphy

  • Robust compliance & fraud protection
  • Back-office efficiencies
  • Thorough, easy-access audit trail
  • Seamless secure digital KYC process

Benefits for their members

  • Friction-free experience
  • Completed in less than 60 seconds
  • Verify their identity on any device


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