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Sherry FitzGerald

Sherry FitzGerald
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Sherry FitzGerald provides enhanced experience for its clients


Sherry FitzGerald is a leading property advisory firm, with more than 90 offices across Ireland. The business believes in building excellent working relationships with its clients in order to provide them with exceptional value. The first step in this journey with their clients is the requirement to verify their identities.

Onboarding new customers every day, across numerous offices across the country, Sherry FitzGerald was looking for a solution that would integrate seamlessly into their business, whilst making the process simpler and more convenient for both themselves and their clients.


Sherry FitzGerald had numerous use cases for customer onboarding that the Identity Verification solution needed to be able to work for:

•  Face-to-face customer onboarding (in branch)
•  Face-to-face customer onboarding off-site (e.g. at the house for sale)
•  Remote onboarding by customers (customers submit their identity information remotely e.g. from their home)

The firm identified a number of challenges with the current customer onboarding process that needed to be addressed and improved:

•  The process was inconvenient for clients
•  The business was experiencing a high customer drop-off rate due to this inconvenient onboarding process
•  Sherry FitzGerald employees were investing significant time in the onboarding process — time that could be spent providing value to clients
•  Concern over the robustness of the current compliance process


In 2019, Sherry FitzGerald rolled out ID-Pal across 30 of their branches. The ID-Pal solution answered the company’s need for a secure identity verification platform that could work for all their onboarding use cases and be easily integrated into their business.

ID-Pal provides an end-to-end identity verification solution that makes the onboarding process as seamless as possible for both the business and its clients. Using the ID-Pal app, clients are now able to securely submit their onboarding documentation at their own convenience – anytime, anywhere in less than a minute – making the onboarding process extremely simple and convenient.

With such an improvement in the overall onboarding experience, the customer drop-off rate was drastically reduced.

Each customer’s onboarding information is securely submitted to the ID-Pal Business Portal where it is thoroughly verified and authenticated using a suite of industry-leading technologies that include:

•  Liveness Check: Motion detection and facial gesture recognition prevents identity fraud.
•  Facial Comparison: 50-point biometric facial match.
•  Document Verification: Up to 75-point check to ensure against tampering or forgery.
•  Video Analysis: Additional checks via video analysis of identity documents.

These technical checks provide enhanced identity verification and protection against fraudulent documents, giving the business peace of mind that their customers are who they say they are.

The portal allows the business to verify and approve client submissions in seconds, saving employees valuable time so that they can focus on meeting the needs of clients.

Triona Gorman provided some insight into the implementation of ID-Pal across the organisation and how this has increased efficiency in their every-day workflow.

ID-Pal has slotted seamlessly into our processes. We are always looking for ways to improve the experience for our customers and ID-Pal provides a quick, easy and robust process for capturing identification documentation.

Triona Gorman, Group Operations Director
Sherry FitzGerald


Sherry FitzGerald was up and running with the ID-Pal platform in less than 1 day and since then the business and its customers have been benefiting from:

  • A much improved experience for the customer.
  • Saving money and time through increased back-office efficiencies.
  • More customers on-boarded due to reduced customer drop-off.
  • Confidence that the business is protected from fraud.
  • Rigorous compliance process.
  • Thorough, convenient audit trail.


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