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Trust My Travel Partners with ID-Pal to Protect Payments

About Trust My Travel

Trust My Travel provides consumers with peace of mind when making a travel purchase. Trust My Travel has been providing an out-of-the-box all-in-one solution to protect and process payments for consumers wishing to book with travel providers worldwide since 2012. For Travel Providers, using Trust My Travel boosts consumer confidence and proves to consumers that their financial protection is a priority.


Trust My Travel is the founding brand of the Trust My Group, which contribute towards a better experience for all parties within the travel payment ecosystem in order to better serve the travel industry in protecting consumer monies to the required standards of the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations.

Founded 7 years ago, Trust My Travel supports over 1000 members in 86 countries and has grown to process billions of pounds per annum in financially protected credit card transactions annually, managing a significant portfolio of FX risk for travellers and pays into 123 countries worldwide via local payment methods.

Business Needs

Onboard businesses quickly and efficiently.
A simple and convenient identity verification process for new clients.
Ability to gather specific individual and business onboarding documents in one workflow

ID-Pal Services

An award-winning customer-facing experience to make the process intuitive and friction-free for clients.
Seamless process that can be completed in under 60 seconds.
One-click customisation of the app to the meet the specific needs of the business.
Industry-leading biometric, document and database checks with best practice AML, KYC and GDPR compliance baked in.

The implementation of the ID-Pal platform was incredibly quick and easy. The ID-Pal app makes it very clear and simple for our clients as to what they need to do, and for us it has made our back-office processes much more efficient. ID-Pal has been a great addition to our digitisation journey.

Stuart Biggs, Operations Director
Trust My Travel

Digitising the Onboarding Journey

D-Pal is an award-winning, ISO 27001 Certified SaaS solution that enables businesses to verify the identity of customers in real-time, simply and securely. Compliant by design, it makes it easy to meet AML and KYC compliance requirements in-person or remotely. The plug and play platform is also available as an API/SDK and can be up and running same day. Customisable to the specific needs of any business at the touch of a button, the solution eliminates the complexity, cost, timelines and risk associated with regulatory compliance. ID-Pal’s blend of best-of-breed technologies and seamless user experience delivers the highest first-time pass rate to verify clients in seconds.

For Trust My Travel, the efficiency of their verification process has been transformed for both their business and their clients. A much simpler process for the client is coupled with a seamless and secure process for the business that is driving cost and time savings. The ID-Pal solution is delivering:

A user-friendly digital journey.
Back-office efficiencies.
A seamless, secure digital KYC process.
Robust compliance & fraud protection.


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