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This January ID-Pal CTO Rob O’Farrell spoke to Robin Amlôt , host of the IBS Intelligence podcast for their latest episode # 552, “Is self-sovereign identity the next step in secure ID management?”

IBSi Podcasts is a one-stop shop for analysis and views on all thing FinTech and Banking. Established in 1991, UK-headquartered International Banking Systems (IBS) Intelligence (IBSi) is the world’s only pure-play Financial Technology (traditional and new-age) research, advisory, and media firm, with global coverage, and a 360° portfolio of intelligence offerings.

In the episode Robin does a deep dive into the concept of “self-sovereign” identities, and how this may the key to identity protection online, with ID-Pal CTO & Co-Founder, Rob O’Farrell, that includes:

    • An overview of what a “self-sovereign” identity profile is, and how having ownership of your own identity can help customers take back control of their data
    • How can self-sovereign data changes this, giving ownership to the customer and allowing them to share necessary information with companies on a need-to-know basis
    • Could self-sovereign identity truly work in a digital world?

Listen to the episode in full below [here] and on all podcast platforms. Or connect with Rob on LinkedIn.


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