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In today’s digital world everything is getting smarter and faster, as people, products and devices become increasingly connected. To keep up with this changing world, businesses need to think differently and innovative to connect with their customers in this era of massive change.

The 4th Industrial Revolution

During the eighteenth century steam power facilitated industrial growth and this was replaced by electricity, leading to the 3rd Industrial revolution of computing. Today we use the latest technology for a connected world which gives us incredible experiences and a 360 degree view of the customer.

People expect more from technology, and they want seamless, personalized experiences from companies.

by 2020 Ulster Bank Plans to be #1 for Customer Service

customer on-boarding

Eddie Cullen is the Managing Director of Commercial Banking at Ulster Bank – at the Basecamp event he spoke about how Ulster Bank are moving out of legacy issues and moving forward to digitize the customer journey.

Ulster Bank are taking advantage of new products and technologies like Salesforce Customer 360, Einstein Voice, Trailhead, and Lightning to dramatically change the way their employees across sales, service, marketing, and IT innovate, skill up, and deliver integrated customer experiences.

Ulster Bank has unlocked the full power of their data, increased productivity and put their customer needs first to drive the right, high value activities.

customer onboarding

Technology makes it possible for small businesses to reach more customers in new ways, resulting in some of the most high-growth businesses today. This new ‘Age of the Customer’ brings a world of growth opportunities, as well as a few challenges for SMBs.

customer onboarding

Trends like automation, integration, digital identity verification, and mobile workforces have caused a profound shift in the way customers interact with companies. Nowhere is this more apparent than in customer service, which impacts every moment of the customer experience.

To thrive and compete in the new age of service, every organisation must reimagine their service approach and create transformational service experiences.


Thanks to our partner Salesforce for a day of innovation and inspiration.

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