Silver in Fintech Startup category in National Startup Awards

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ID-Pal won Silver in the Fintech Startup category at the National Startup Awards 2021. ID-Pal made the final Regional shortlist of 9 companies chosen before being chosen as one of the 6 National finalists for the virtual awards ceremony that took place on December 2nd

ID-Pal’s Multi-Layered Verification Delivers Industry-Leading Outcomes

Delivering a seamless and intuitive journey for the customer is central to the ID-Pal solution. Our advanced mobile technologies allow customers to seamlessly capture and securely transmit their personal information to the business anytime, anywhere, in less than 60 seconds!

The business’ ID-Pal portal then thoroughly verifies and authenticates each submission using a suite of industry-leading biometric, document and database checks.

ID-Pal’s customer on-boarding journey is not only frictionless, but it delivers industry-leading accuracy in identity verification outcomes. This accuracy is achieved using a combination of these technologies that work together:

  • Document Verification
  • Facial Matching
  • Liveness Testing
  • Address E-Verification

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