TUI Credit Union launches identity verifcation solution

ID-Pal > TUI Credit Union launches identity verifcation solution

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Press Release

Industry-leading RegTech solution enables TUI Credit Union members to open customer accounts anytime, anywhere in minutes.

November 1st, 2018, Dublin Ireland – TUI Credit Union is all about supporting and investing in their members’ journey from the outset. They are committed to ensuring that the entire membership journey, including application, is hassle-free. With the majority of members being onboarded remotely, TUI Credit Union wanted to make sure that the process of becoming a member was easy as possible.

“Remote onboarding is often tedious and time-consuming for both the customer and the business, requiring documents to be photocopied and posted or scanned and emailed, often resulting in significant delays and GDPR compliance issues. TUI Credit Union was looking for a solution that would make the process seamless and convenient for its customers” – Brian Williams, Business Development Manager, ID-Pal.

In early 2018, TUI Credit Union initiated a pilot with ID-Pal’s onboarding solution for new members. It proved to be successful, resulting in a roll-out of the solution across the business.

“Life is getting busier and more demanding for all of us. To help our new members save a little time in their busy lives we have simplified our account opening process. When providing us with the necessary ID documents, instead of the new member having to physically deliver documents to us either in person or by post, they can now upload same using our simple App, at a time and place of their choosing. We are delighted to be the first credit union in Ireland to offer this facility through ID-Pal to our members” – Paul Roche, Chief Executive Officer at Teachers’ Union of Ireland Credit Union.

Teachers’ Union of Ireland Credit Union was founded in 1967 and offers a full range of financial services to their members. Please visit for more information.

Media Contacts:
Mr. Paul Roche, CEO, Teachers’ Union of Ireland Credit Union, 01 4266060
Mr. Brian Williams, Business Development Manager, ID-Pal, 086 8309380

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Valerie Donnelly (Membership and Marketing Officer, TUI Credit Union), Brian Williams (Business Development Manager, ID-Pal) and Paul Roche (CEO, TUI Credit Union)



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