Unique Blend of Checks for Real-Time Identity Verification

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Many companies use either document checks or database checks as their method of identity verification. ID-Pal provides a deeper level of verification by combining both of these methods and validating the result against the end customer using industry-leading biometric analysis.

The journey is still seamless for the customer, but the business benefits from stronger, multi-layered verification of an individual’s identity. 

Typically, there are 2 types of E-Verification available on the market: 

  • Standard “1+1” – Where an individual’s name and one piece of identifiable information (Address or Date of Birth) is verified against 1 database/data point.  
  • Standard “2+2” – Where an individual’s Name and two pieces of identifiable information (Address & Date of Birth) are verified against 2 separate databases/data points.  

identity verification

The verification that ID-Pal provides is far more robust than these standard approaches

Combining all of the below: 

  • Document checks to verify that the identity document itself hasn’t been tampered with or forged  
  • Biometric checks to ensure that the individual submitting an identity document is its rightful owner 
  • Database checks to cross-reference the individual’s information against relevant databases 

This unique blend effectively provides businesses with Enhanced “2 + 2” verification

  • IDPal’s Enhanced “2+2” – An individual’s Name and D.O.B are verified against a governmentbacked ID Document, biometric analysis then confirms that the person providing the document is the true owner of that document. The individual’s Name and Address is then extracted and verified against multiple databases looking for one clear, Full Address Match.


Not only does this Enhanced Verification provide stronger fraud protection for your business, but the customer journey becomes even simpler as they no longer need to submit a Proof of Address document.  

Simple. Secure. Convenient. 

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