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Working hand in hand with our customers, the ID-Pal team is constantly striving to improve our solution to ensure that you and your customers have the best experience possible.

With our latest release, many of the latest enhancements will have a significant impact on user experience and improve how you and your colleagues access ID-Pal.

Push Notifications, One Page Passport Capture, Upload your own T&C’s, Notification of New Submissions, Passport Video Optionality,  Account Default Country Selection, Improved Liveness Test

1. Introduction of Push Notifications
You can now interact directly with your customers using push notifications. If they haven’t started or completed the submission, have sent incorrect documents or for any other reason, you can now use our new push notifications.

2. Optionality for One Page Passport Capture
In line with regulatory requirements and in order to improve both the customer experience and quality of verifications you can now configure the app to capture just the one page of a passport.

3. Notification of new Submissions Into Your Own Work Email Inbox
Never miss a customer’s submission by getting a notification into your work email. This is currently available for Admin users only but will shortly be available to all users.

4. Upload Your Own T&C’s and Privacy Policy
You can now simply add your own company’s T&C’s and Privacy Policy on your ID-Pal app.

5. Optionality for Passport Video Capture
Depending on your compliance requirements you can now choose to have the passport video capture step turned on or off.

6. Account Default Country Selection
You can now choose what country all platform settings default to, from text messages prefix, clock and many more in one simple click in the Admin portal.

7. Improved Liveness Test User Experience
We never stop improving the user experience and this latest release has focused on the liveness test. Make a submission to see the new experience.

Please feel free to contact us for more details. Call us today on +353 (0)1 556 3225 for a demonstration of the ID-Pal platform, and let us help you save time and money on customer onboarding and KYC compliance.

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