Why recruitment processes need to reflect values and the growing role of technology

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Written by Mark O’Hara, Enterprise Sales Manager at ID-Pal.

A company’s values today are almost as important as its financial performance, so what can businesses do to ensure their recruitment process is reflecting their ethos – and what part does technology play?

Over the last few years, ethical standards have been steadily making their way up business agendas and are now firmly at the top of the list when it comes to business priorities – and with good reason. Long gone are the days when most companies focused on financial performance at the expense of the environment or social values. In fact, a company now needs to show that it not only performs well financially, but that it does so in an ethical and sustainable way.

Investors are not alone in keeping an eye on a company’s ethical credentials – customers are increasingly choosing businesses and brands because they reflect their values. Employees – both current and prospective – are similarly keen to ensure they are (or will be) working for a business they can trust to do the right thing. Being able to offset carbon footprints is good – but ensuring that measures are being proactively taken in all areas of a business to guarantee an ethical approach throughout is better.

Values and Recruitment

This approach can be seen in the recruitment process, as HR teams globally are focusing on implementing stringent Diversity &Inclusion (D&I) processes. Measures such as CV screening are becoming more and more widespread to ensure that candidates are interviewed and eventually selected based on merit, and that protected characteristics such as age, race, gender and religion do not influence decisions. Having a recruitment process in place that is ethical and demonstrates a strong and dedicated approach to D&I is vital. It is an early indication that the company a candidate has applied to takes its values seriously.

Similarly, ensuring candidates know that the company they are applying to takes data protection seriously – and, by implication, that it takes active steps to ensure that personal data is handled safely and securely from the outset – is equally as important. And this is where technology comes in.

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