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ID-Pal purposely avoids browser-based solutions for a number of quality, security and user experience reasons including poorer capture quality – leading to less efficient outcomes.

Webcam Capture

Most webcams are of lower quality than phone cameras, so the image captured will also be of lower quality. Native apps enable a high degree of control of the camera, allowing high quality data capture. This is not possible with webcams unless a plugin is installed, which will still result in limited camera control.

Even with good control, the existence of so many different types of webcams means capture quality will be very inconsistent. Webcam capture exposes the system to hardware and driver issues, leading to no capture being submitted, customer loss and frequent submission of poor quality captures.

Customers will become annoyed at having to recapture and resubmit their information, or the business will accept poor quality documents (that may be fake).

Inconsistent User Experience

There are dozens of different web browsers, dozens of versions of each browser, dozens of different operating systems, 1000s of possible cameras, significant variation in the quality of internet connections and very poor browser functions for handling errors.

HTML also requires a request/response feedback cycle that slows down the whole process. HTML cannot support doing the initial document checks on the user’s own device, resulting in a 30 second feedback cycle every time they capture a document incorrectly

All of this makes it nearly impossible to deliver a convenient, consistent and reliable customer experience. In comparison, mobile devices are more reliable, with known hardware variations, consistent approaches to camera integration and functions, excellent error handling and the ability to track issues to ensure they only occur once. Identity verification via HTML channels takes on average 16.25 minutes.

Using the ID-Pal app takes less than 1 minute to capture one form of ID and complete the liveness test.

identity verification
Poor security Leading to More Fraud Opportunities

Because of secured memory and easy modification of network packets, browsers do not operate in secured memory environments. This means that a technically skilled fraudster could substitute in (doctored) images before submission. Being on a computer allows a myriad of tools to be used for what is known as ‘packet substitution’ to achieve the same goal of putting in any doctored image they wish.

On public machines the offering of browser apps opens up possibilities for fraud against those that are not security conscious and don’t realise that their personal information could be saved on the public device.


90% of applicants get through the initial step of expressing interest and providing basic details successfully.
60% of applicants abandon the process when trying to provide their documents through an HTML process.
Of the 36% of applicants that manage to get through the first 2 steps, more than 70% of them enter an exception process due to poor image quality.

ID-Pal’s Mobile App-based Solution is Mobile App-based ensuring that all of the above issues are avoided, and to provide a customer on-boarding experience that is seamless and secure whilst delivering high-quality documentation captures to the business.

The ID-Pal position on web-based capture is entirely down to quality, security and user experience including:

• Poorer capture/image quality, which leads to poorer outcomes.
• Inconsistent user experience which leads to higher customer drop-off during the on-boarding process.
• Poorer overall security, which leads to more fraud opportunities.

All of the Above Lead to:
1. Most documents captured by web require human intervention/administration.
2. Significant customer abandonment rate.

Of course this all leads to the question – is it more efficient to use an App or a Mobile Website?

Through the ID-Pal app, customers can upload their identity documents and information in less than a minute and in 2 easy steps. In the next blog we ask the question – is it more efficient to use an App or a Mobile Website?

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