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Sinéad McDonald is the Data Protection Officer for ID-Pal and previously worked with JP Morgan in various senior roles in the regulatory and compliance sectors of the business. One of those roles at JP Morgan was as European Manager of Regulatory Developments for Depositary Services.

Sinéad is a qualified solicitor and holds a number of diplomas including an Advance Diploma in Data Protection  from the King’s Inns. She now acts as DPO (Data Protection Officer) for a number of public and private organisations including ID-Pal.

Regulated Environments

The founders recognised from the outset the difference ID-Pal could make to clients within the regulated environment and how data protection had to be a cornerstone of that offering. The protection of personal data was part of the design of ID-Pal, and was ‘baked in’ from the start.


Commitment to Data Protection

When I met the founders first, while I was blown away by the app and business portal, I was even more impressed by the level of commitment and respect shown by the guys to data protection and data security. This was not a tick the box exercise for them, they wanted to get it right from the start.

ID-Pal is a data processor and GDPR was a game changer for data processors. Data processors now have direct obligations and are liable to fines and civil claims. Our clients are the data controllers, and must have trust in what we do and how we do it.

When customers are newly on-boarded using ID-Pal the Identity Data then resides with the host business and is not hosted by ID-Pal. This assures the new customer that their data is secure and further assures the host business that they are compliant with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Setting the Standard

Each and every time we improve our offering, we stop and check to ensure we continue to respect the principle of data protection by design and by default. Are we maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of the data, that has been entrusted to us by our customers? The answers always must be yes!

For more details please refer to our full Data Protection Information

ID-Pal will secure your information and will never contact you without your consent.


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