ID-Pal has a number of different implementation solutions available depending on the needs of your business. Do you need an out-of-the-box solution set up and running in minutes? Are you looking for an API solution that enables you to start and finish the ID&V process from within your existing business system? Do you want to embed the ID&V process seamlessly into your own business app through a simplified SDK? ID-Pal offers all these options.

Out-of-the-box solution: A plug-and-play solution that enables your business to be up and running in minutes


Mobile App
Provides your business with an ID&V app for your customers


Web Browser
Seamless web browser journey for Identity Verification


Business Portal
Provides a business workflow for seamless, efficient review and approval of customer submissions

End-Point API

The ID-Pal end-point API makes it simple for businesses to interact with the ID-Pal service in real time. This interaction can be done quickly, easily and securely from within your own business processes.

Enables Businesses

  • Initiate customer onboarding from within your business system
  • Real-time visibility of customer submissions
  • Retrieve all customer identity information provided in submissions
  • Receive alerts resulting from ongoing monitoring of submissions

Significant Benefits for Your Business

  • Connects to existing business infrastructures, drastically reducing implementation time
  • Seamless integration with business processes and applications
  • Real-time updates on the status/results of customer submissions
  • Reduced rate of administrative inaccuracies due to manual input errors
  • Seamless and speedy customer onboarding
  • Significantly reduces time staff spends on onboarding, allowing them to focus on delivering value to customers
  • Cost-effective solution

Simplified SDK

ID-Pal’s Simplified SDK provides the flexibility of a fully configurable SDK, but with minimal integration overhead

Traditional SDK
  • Gives you a set of tools but no User Experience guidance
  • No instructions on capture
  • No instructions on exceptions handling
  • You use the tools to build your own App
  • Lengthy integration times are common
With ID-Pal’s Simplified SDK
  • 90% of the flexibility of a fully configurable SDK
  • Minimal integration overhead
  • Businesses can remove some screens and bypass mandatory fields
  • All of the technical & biometric checks are built in
  • Logo customisable
  • All of the customer’s journey is pre-built
  • Colours configurable
  • Number of ID docs requested configurable
  • Liveness test removable


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